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Is a dog better off drinking from a salt water pool or a chlorine pool?


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2015-07-16 18:11:16
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It doesn't matter, assuming the chlorine level in both pools is the same.

A salt water pool still uses chlorine, though it's generated from an inline chlorine generator that generated chlorine from the salt in the pool (which then gets converted back to salt after oxidizing ammonia). Salt water, by itself, is not sanitary -- consider the algae that grows in ocean water! You still need a sanitizer such as chlorine.

Generally, a salt pool may have a lower average chlorine level than a regular non-salt pool (since it's automatically maintained), but the level of salt (as answered on the FAQ with other questions) is very low and not harmful. The level of chlorine at 1 ppm in a typical pool is about 5 times the 0.2 ppm minimum amount used in chlorinated drinking water. There is debate about whether chlorine in drinking water causes cancer (or does so through chlorine gas during showers).

Obviously, your dog shouldn't drink from the pool right after shocking it with chlorine as the chlorine level will be exceptionally high (5-10 ppm). Also, if you add lots of other chemicals to your pool (enzymes, flocculant, algicide, sequestering agents), then they may have an unhealthy effect on your dog.

So, your dog is probably better off not drinking from the pool at all, though there may not be much problem if he does. Certainly the salt vs. regular chlorine pool doesn't matter. If you're the type of person who puts filtered water into your dog's water dish, then you should keep him away from the pool.


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theres not enough.... -_- There is probably more chlorine in your drinking water than in your pool.

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A salt water pool is a chlorine pool. the difference is that in a salt water pool the chlorine is added automatically by a chlorinated that works electronically and with a chlorine pool you have to put the chlorine in your self. Salt water pool are by far the more pleasant to swim in. Chlorine because it will kill germs

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not salt water, but its better for your health! Salt is not a pool cleaner, it is usually there to make chlorine via a "salt system"

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A Salt water pool is a chlorine pool. The difference is that in the case of a saltwater pool there is a chlorinater fited inline that converts the salt into chlorine automaticaly, Meaning that you don't have to purchace any chlorine to keep up chlorine levels.

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No it can not, because chlorine is not killable.

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