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Is a hognose snake harmless?


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September 30, 2011 3:10PM

I actually own one myself and found out through a herpitologist friend of mine that these snakes actually do have venom glands in fangs, but the location of these fangs are so far back in the mouth of the snake that it would be damn near impossible for a human to be envenomated by them, making them available for commercial sale to the public. Just a note for you if you ever wonder, if they can be purchased at a reptile show without the need for the venomous license, then they are non lethal to humans. ie: scorpions, tarantulas and the hognose... they are all venomous, but not in a lethal way....

Truthfully, I own a bunch of snakes and would welcome the bite of my Hognose over the bite of my Burmese Python!!!

The hognose is by far the most docile of my snakes and the better feeder of all of them as well.

Typically though, hog noses have to go through scented feedings before accepting mice plain.