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Its never justified! But, the peoples' attention is more on war (fear and survival) so civil liberties do tend to take a back seat during those times.

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Q: Is a loss of civil liberties during wartime justified?
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How justified were Lincoln's wartime abridgment of civil liberties and his treatment and his treatment of the Copperheads?

if i knew the answer i wouldnt be looking for an answer

How justifird were Lincoln's wartime abridgements of civil liberties?

they were justified just as Javarius Jamar Javarsion-Lamar once said

How was the increase of presidential power during wartime been a threat to civil liberties?

It decreased citizens rights

Do you think the government is justified insuppressing civil liberties during wartime?

They always have to. If Lincoln hadn't jailed the pro-Southern leaders in Maryland, that state would have voted Confederate, and Washington DC would have been totally enclosed within enemy states.

Was lincolns justified in his violations of ordinary civil liberties during the Civil war?

Yes because he was trying to preserve the union and stop any other states from seceding

How justified were Lincoln's wartime abridgements of civil liberties and his treatment of the Copperheads?

It is a slippery slope when civil liberties are curtailed to the extent they were under Lincoln during the Civil War. However, the Civil War was a highly unusual and troubling time in our history. Hindsight has shown that Lincoln's actions were heavy handed, but the result was a victory and preservation of the Union. His disregard for the Copperheads, who were Northern Democrats that did not want the Civil War, may have proven justified as some began speaking of taking violent resistance, furthering the feeling that they were traitorous. Had the North lost the war, Lincolns actions would have been a dark point in our history.

The government is justified in suppressing civil liberties during wartime?

This question has troubled humans since the Antiquity. Governments say yes, but citizens say no. At the end of the day, I believe that in wartime situations, certain civil liberties can be suppressed. The government has the duty to protect the well-being of all its citizens, and if the lives of millions are at stake, and the best chance at saving those lives are suppressing certain rights, than I feel the government is just in doing so.But it is important that once the immediate danger is past, liberties are restored. And if the government cannot do that in a timely matter, they are failing as a government and should be abolished, and a new government should be established. As the book 1984 showed, by keeping people in perpetual fear, the government can quash all civil liberties.

How justified were lincolns wartime abridgments of civil liberties?

Lincoln's skillful political leadership helped keep the crucial borders states in the union and maintain Northern morale, while his effective diplomacy kept Britain and France form aiding the South.

How were civil liberties compromised during ww1?


What was the wartime capital of the Union during the Civil war?

during the civil war washington D.c was the capital of the union

Do Civil liberties weakened during the Warren Court?


How can you turn this into a question Evaluate the internment of Japanese Americans during World War 2 and the power of civil liberties?

How were civil liberties denied Japanese Americans during World War II.

What were some civil liberties in the south during the 1930s?

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Where events During The War Undermined Civil Liberties?

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How were civil liberties curtailed during world war 1?

For US citizens, civil liberties were not curtailed very much during World War I. Some German citizens were ostracized and treated badly.

How are civil liberties challenged during times of war?

During times of war, a government might enact martial law; this tends to curtail civil liberties. For example, the right to criticize the government may be forbidden.

Was Lincoln justified in his wartime abridgements of civil libertites and his treatment of the copperheads?

yes cause Tyroil Smoochie-Wallace and Shaquirquan Carter held a democracy

How are civil liberties challenged during times of conflict and change?

During times of conflict and change civil liberties are challenged. Societal views and values do not change as easily as political belief, and people hold on to the views they were previously taught.

How did the resolve the Constitution when it did not have Civil liberties?

Civil liberties were added, in the form of the Bill of Rights.

What are Civil Liberties?

Civil Liberties are rights and freedoms that provide an individual with specific rights.

Is civil liberties possessive noun?

No, the compound noun civil liberties is the plural form for the singular noun civil liberty. The singular possessive form is civil liberty's; the plural possessive form is civil liberties'.

Why were civil liberties limited during World War 1?

they help the govenment tyui

How did wartime affect taxation in the north during the civil war?

Because of the Civil War in the North, income tax was invented.

What is the difference between civil rights and civil liberties?

Civil Rights are freedoms granted to citizens of a country and civil liberties are the right of a person to practice their civil rights. Freedom of Speech is a civil right, criticizing the government in a public forum is a civil liberties.

What was the national civil liberties bureau renamed in 1920?

American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)