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Q: Is a movement or trembling of the ground that is caused by a sudden of energy when rocks move along a fault?
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What is a ground movement caused by a release of energy when rocks along a fault move?


Does movement of the rocks in the ground cause the ground to shake?

Yes. This is known as an earthquake and is caused by the movement of tectonic plates.

What is a movement in the ground caused by a sudden release of energy under the Earth's crust?

A shift in the earth's crust to relieve pressure, and therefore release energy, is an earthquake.

A shaking of the ground caused by the sudden release of energy in Earth's crust?

It is an earthquake

What are earthqaukes?

An earthquake = a shaking or other movement of part of the earth's surface. It is caused by movement deep within the earth. Earthquakes can cause the ground to split.

Describe a stone falling off the tabletop in terms of both kinetic energy and potential energy?

Sitting on the table the stone has potential energy, relative to the ground, of weight times height, mgh. It has zero kinetic energy so its total energy is E = 0 + mgh. When it begins falling it loses potential energy (as it loses height) and gains kinetic energy ( as it picks up speed) so the sum stays the same as initially E = KE + PE = mgh. Just before it hits the ground all of its potential energy is gone and has been transformed into kinetic energy. So the kinetic energy at the bottom (1/2)mv^2 will equal the potential energy at the top.

Will homeowners insurance cover a cracked foundation caused by an earthquake?

Only if you have earthquake coverage. A regular homeowners policy excludes damage caused by ground movement or earthquakes.

A shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement of large blocks of rock along a fault.?

That's called an earthquake.

What is ground movement?

brunnett beauty: What is ground movement? I believe ground movement is the plates moving in the earth just like how earthquakes form by plates in the ground colide to make movement in the earth.

A shaking of the ground caused by the sudden movement of large blocks of rock along a fault?

Sounds suspiciously like an earthquake. Indeed, it is.

How do you use 'tremble' in a sentence?

Galbraith was trembling with exciment.Trembling with palsy was he to his feet.

When a coin is dropped to the ground as the coin falls it loses potential energy and gains what kind of energy?

when a coin is falling it is losing kinetic energy when it lands it is gaining potential. kinetic energy is the energy of movement. potential is the energy of stillness.