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No. If you are under 18 you have to petition the court, or get married, to be emancipated.

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Q: Is a pregnant 17-year-old who has graduated from high school considered emancipated in North Carolina?
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Can you move out in North Carolina if you are 17-years-old have a job a place to live and already graduated from high school?

Yes you can as long as you get emancipated!

Can you be emancipated in South Carolina?

South Carolina Sorry, there is no emancipation status for this state.

Can you get emancipated at the age of 15 in North Carolina?

No, the minimum age is 16 in North Carolina.

Can you get emancipated in South Carolina at age 16?

South Carolina does not have an emancipation statute, so no, you cannot.

If you have a kid are you considered an adult in the state of North Carolina?

The ability to have a child has no bearing on whether you are an adult. You must be 18 or have been legally emancipated by a court order or marriage.

Can you go through court in nc to be emancipated at 20 years?

There is no need to go to court. You are considered an adult when you reach age 18 in North Carolina.

If you are 17 and are married are you automatically emancipated from your parents custody in North Carolina?


Does South Carolina give contractual capacity to emancipated minors?


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How old you have to be in order to emancipated in north carolina?

16 for early emancipation, otherwise 18.

Can a teenager get emancipated at the age of fourteen in North Carolina?

No. You have to be 16 to petition for emancipation in NC.

In South Carolina can a 16-year-old be easily emancipated if she is not pregnant or in the military?

Pretty hard, since there is no emancipation status for South Carolina.

How can a 15 year old female in South Carolina be emancipated if she is abused by her dad?

Emancipated means you need a place to live and a job to pay your bills and be done with your education. I doubt that si the case at 15. Contact the Child Protective service and they will have you in a foster home instead until you are old enough to be on your own. Usually you have to be 16 to apply but with abuse it can be different. Abuse has to be proven in court though.A child has to be released by the court to be considered emancipated in South Carolina. There is no particular statute that covers how to get emancipated in South Carolina. There has to be a petition from either the child or an agency that cares for that child to start the emancipation procedures.Read more in link below.

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How can a 16-year-old move out in South Carolina?

You have to apply to be emancipated through the state court system.

What is the Legal age to get emancipated in SC?

South Carolina does not have an emancipation statute. You have to wait until you turn 18.

If a girl under the age of eighteen was pregnant in North Carolina could she get emancipated without her parents comsent?

you she can you she can

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At 17 can you move out your house in South Carolina?

yes you can but you will hav eto go through the court and ge emancipated

Can a 17 yr old be emancipated in north carolina?

They can petition the court for emancipation, but be aware that it's rarely granted.

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