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Is a senator higher than a governor?


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These positions are not really comparable -- they serve different purposes and are not in the same chain of command. In my state, the governor can not serve consecutive terms but there are no restrictions of the state senators. So, some few state senators become very powerful - more powerful than the governors. Other senators have little power . As for US Senators, some become very powerful- more powerful than any state governor. On the state level, US senators are often influential in the state and may virtually hand-pick the candidates for governor.


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Yes, a senator is a higher ranked official than a congressman. A congressman is higher ranked than a representative. The President is higher ranked than all of the positions.

The position of Senator is higher ranking than Govenor

a governor represents the state , a senator represents the state in washington, d.c.

He was never a governor. He was an Illinois State Senator and later a US Senator from Illinois

Barack Obama was not a governor. He was a senator from Illinois.

While both positions require extensive knowledge of our political system, the position of governor is one with more responsibilities. Neither is officially "higher," but remember that each state has two U.S. senators, many more state senators, and only one governor. A senator simply votes on bills, legislation, laws, etc, whereas a governor essentially runs the state he or she is the governor of. A governor, unlike a senator, has important executive decisions to make. In this sense, a governor has similar responsibilities to those of the president -- the governor just deals with issues at a more local level. There's no basis for comparison between a federal senator and a state governor. A state governor controls his/her state and cannot exercise such a role in another state, whereas a federal senator's status doesn't change whereever he/she goes within the country. A senator deliberates on issues affecting the whole country, the economy, national security etc. Neither can give the other orders but i think the governor is the number one indigene in the state while the federal senator does not operate at state level but at federal level. It's better to compare a state governor and state senators and the simple answer would be the governor is above a state senator.

Barack Obama was never a governor. He was first a state senator from Illinois, and then a U.S. senator. It was his 2012 opponent, Mitt Romney, who had been a governor (from Massachusetts).

Ted Kennedy is a Senator not a Governor.

Yes, he does. He was a senator for 12 years: first a state senator in Illinois, and then a U.S. senator.

As Governor , just as you would a Senator.

The governor calls an election if a senator dies in office.

The governor appoints an interim senator until elections are held.

No, she was a former governor.

No he was a VP and a California Governor.

Obama was never elected governor. he served as a state senator from Illinois (and served three terms); he then served as a U.S. senator.

He was not a Governor; he was a U. S. Senator from Massachusetts.

Running for state senate is not as important as running for governor, because the governor is head of the state however running for the federal senate is a more important position than being governor.

No. - Bill Clinton was never a Senator. His biggest political experience was as Governor of Arkansas .

The governor is a higher position than congressman. The congressman is one of many. He alone can pass no law. The governor can often create law through proclamation, regulation, or writ.

No, Warren Harding was a Lieutenant Governor of Ohio, before becoming its US Senator, and then later the President. He also served as an Ohio state senator before becoming Lieutenant Governor.

The mayor controls a town the governor controls the stateso governor is higher

Right now, a special election must be held to choose a new senator. Governor Patrick is seeking to change this procedure so that the governor would appoint a senator to fill the remainder of the term.

Obama was never a governor. He was the junior senator from Illinois.

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