Is a vinyl gunite or fiberglass pool better for a waterfront home on a bay with a high water table in Florida?

Your high water table can effect any swimming pool type. You do have a couple of things going for you there in Florida. First there are alot of professional pool builders available to you. Be sure to get one with a license and insurance to cover all liabilities. Get references of experience with your type of build also, look at some jobs if possible. Ask questions, how high is the water table and how will you install the pool? How much extra will dealing with the water cost? Is the cost a fixed or variable one? Will I have to monitor anything after my pool is built? Warranty and Warranty for any water damage? You get the idea.

As far as which one is better? They are all three great products and will fit a variety of budgets with the vinyl most likely being at the low end of the budget scale and the fiberglass and gunite at the upper end of the scale and all with the ability to add many features to enhance your families pool experience.

Ease of maitenance and high tech finishes are all available with todays swimming pools, you will be amazed at your options.

Enjoy your families new resort and don't forget to hire a licensed and insured swimming pool professional.

It great to go get a pool and enjoy all the family times it will provide.

Here in Michigan we sucessfully install in all conditions with both gunite and fiberglass and vinyl, after all we are the Great Lakes State.

good swimming