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well no not really, because sweating can put baktirea on the skin which causes pimples , work outs are good but after wards have a shower and wash your face, a good way to get rid of pimples is holding ice for a few minutes to the pimple, pop[ping it is not a good way, if u do pop it put clenser on it strait after another way is with pimple creams and lotions

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Q: Is a workout a good way to get rid of pimples?
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Is zote good for pimples?

No the best way to get rid of pimples is to tan at a tanning salon

What is an easy way to get rid of pimples and zits?

A pointy object!

What is the most effective way to avoid pimples on your face?

Get rid of your face

How can you get rid of pimples in one week?

I don't think there is any way that help you to get rid of pimples in just one week. But if you drink plenty of water in a day and eat more fruits and vegetables than you can reduce your pimples in one week.

What is the second best way to get rid of pimples?

Going swimming in saltwater helps alot.

What is the quickest way to get rid of pimples?

the way i get rid of them is by putting on a face mask of honey and limon:] ily bebe(miguel) lol tht cute!

How do you get rid of the dent left by a pimple?

That is a scar, and there's no way to get rid of scars. This is why everybody always tells you not to pick at pimples or squeeze them.

Best way to get rid of pimples?

avoid spicy foods and washing face with salty water.

Do oranges get rid of pimples?

Yes they do! Oranges and lemons are a good way to get rid of pimples. Another good way to get rid of a stubborn pimple is perfume! Yup perfume! It works because of the alchohal content that is in perfum, so you just spray some on your finger and a apply it to the pimple (hands must be clean first though!!) And to use the orange, you squeez the juice out and get a cotton ball and dip it in and use it as if it was a toner, or a cleanser! Hope it helped!! :)

What is a good way to get rid of pimples?

Hold ice against the pimple for about 3 or 4 minutes, it should go down, if not hold the ice on for longer. hope it helps

What happened in the end of the book of zitface?

Olivia gets rid of her pimples and zits and everything goes back to the way it was

What is the best way to get rid of pimples with only using household items?

toothpaste or bubble gum thick cough syrup

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