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He might be extra nice to you, but if you think he is cheating, have a friend he doesn't know follow him for a time. If he is cheating, dump him IMMEDIATELY, BECAUSE HE IS NOT WORTH YOUR TIME.

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Is nivea cheated on Lil Wayne?

no lil Wayne cheated on her he got Lauren London pregnant and even asked his ex wife toya to remarry him so he cheated on her

What problem was Archemides asked to solve for King Hiero of Syracuse?

He was asked to find out wether a goldsmithe had cheated the king

Will i ever love anyone like i loved my ex boyfriend?

If ure bf cheated on you,then i think you should forget about him! About the question you asked, it depends! If ure bf cheated on you,then i think you should forget about him! About the question you asked, it depends!

What questions were accused people asked in the Salem trials?

Many questions were asked, but all of them assumed that the accused were guilty. Most often they were asked why they hurt the afflicted.

What is ariana grandes favorite color?

she likes all colours coz i cheated and asked her on skype

Is asked a verb adverb preposition conjunction or a interjection?

asked is a verb as it is showing some action being done

You asked your girl if she cheated and she laughed and said no Is this a lie?

Well sometimes they lie but some people don't.

What would be an acceptable explanation or response if you found out your lover was being unfaithful and asked why they cheated on you?

there is none, it is wrong,

I asked a friend why he cheated and it lead to me having no friends I want them back but how?

Try to explain to your friend how you feel about the sitution.

Will your wife cheat again if she cheated once before?

You wife cheated you once that is true. She will cheat on you again that depends on her. If she wants to stay loyal she will otherwise she simply will separate.

What is a sentence using the word reservation?

The waiter asked if I had a reservation, before showing me to a table.

What questions were asked during the Salem witch trials?

Many question were asked and we do not have records of all off them. They have one thing in common: all of them were only relevant if the accused was guilty.

What to do if a guy asked you out and you said no and you feel guilty and now you really like him?

Simply tell him what you just said in your question.

What is the meaning of early marriage?

stupidity and divorce the chick was pregnant her boyfriend cheated on her and had sex with another girl and they made up and he asked her to marry him

What inspired Jason Derulo to write the song Watcha say?

His brother cheated on his girlfriend so his brother asked him if he could write a song about it.

What is word for the meaning Found guilty of an offense and would like to resolve it?

Not sure what word is being asked for. CULPABLE ? INVOLVED ?

You went out with a guy that cheated on you then dumped you and got another girl who cheated on him and he asked me if I wanted go for a run with him to train for cross country does he like me?

Plain and simple this young man does not respect young women. He cheated on you; broke up with you and thankfully his new girlfriend cheated on him so he may now get the drift of how terrible it feels to be cheated on, but it is highly unlikely this will make him a better person. He's in between girlfriends and lonely at this point. You would be wise not to go on that run for his training for cross country skiing as he would only be using you.

What is it mean when a girl avoids your questions?

It depends on the nature of the question. If you asked something inappropriate or sexual she might be uncomfortable answering and want to change the subject. If you accused her of something (ie. asking if a girl cheated on you) she may avoid the question because she feels guilty and doesn't want to admit to it. If it is a simple question that should be easily answered, then she is just weird.

What is Reluctant?

Reluctant is having reservations about doing something you were asked to do. Unwilling or resisting.Showing doubt or unwillingness.

What will happen if a student is involved in cheating?

Student will be asked whether he cheated or not. Though the invigilators know that thing they still ask. His paper will be cancelled after that event.

He asked if my friend likes me is he jealous of my friend I asked if he was jealous he said no?

Its unlikely that he would admit to being jealous. He's asking because he's obviously showing an interest!

Why did pink and her husband separate?

Carey was on Chelsea Latley and said it was because of their busy work schedules and that made it stressful. Chelsea asked him if he cheated on her and he uncomfortable said no.

A female neighbor got locked out of their house and asked you to force their door open for her so should you now feel guilty that the door broke when you kicked it in and now she has to pay for a new?

I am someone who feels guilty about everything, and I would feel guilty about this too. Should you feel guilty? Yes, because you broke her door. However, should you pay for the new one yourself? No, because she asked you to do it and it was not of your own free will. It was her decision to break down the door, so you should not feel guilty enough to pay for the new one. Had you decided on your own to break the door down, then you should pay for it because it was your decision. But it was her door, her decision to break the door, and now she will pay for it.

What did Nixon have to do with the Manson case?

President Nixon stated that Charles Manson was "guilty, directly or indirectly. Charles's lawyer asked for a mistrial because of this statement.

Why did Hitler sign a non-aggression pact with the Soviet Union?

To invade Poland; to prevent a war with the Soviet Union in 1939. (The Soviets fought the Germans from 1941-1945). It might be better asked as to why the Soviet Union signed Russian-German Non-Aggression Pact, in that the pact was a German proposal.