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Is alitalia airline reliable?

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i have flown with alitalia to and from Italy numerous times. the flights have always been good and smooth, but the meals arent too good so i suggest packing a meal or buying something at the airport. most of the flight attendants are nice, and they speak Italian and English. overall a good airline.

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What country is alitalia air line?

Italy belong to Alitalia airline

What is the Italian airline called?

The Italian national airline is called Alitalia.

What has the author Luca Baiada written?

Luca Baiada has written: 'Operazione Alitalia' -- subject(s): Alitalia (Airline), Privatization, Airlines

When was the company Alitalia founded?

Alitalia is the national airline for Italy and it has its head office located in Fiumicino, Italy. It was originally founded on the 19th September 1946.

Does British airlines partner with Aitalia airlines?

No. British Airways is a member of the OneWorld airline alliance, while Alitalia is a member of the SkyTeam airline alliance.

Do any major airlines fly into Venice Florida?

Alitalia is one major airline that goes to Venice, Florida.

Is the Aeroflot airline part of any airline alliance?

Aeroflot is part of the SKYTEAM alliance. Some of the other airlines which belong to SKYTEAM are Alitalia, Korean, Saudia, China Southern, Aeromexico etc

When was Alitalia created?

Alitalia was created in 2008.

Who owns the private jet in which the pope flies?

Alitalia, the Italian airline, rents a plane to the pope when he needs one. Typically, the Pope flies on a chartered Alitalia fixed-wing aircraft when traveling to or from more distant destinations. The tradition is for the Pope to fly to the country he is visiting on a chartered Alitalia jet and to return on a jet belonging to a flag carrier from the visited nation.

Who is CEO of Alitalia?

The Alitalia CEO is Rocco Sabelli

When did Alitalia Express end?

Alitalia Express ended in 2008.

When was Alitalia CityLiner created?

Alitalia CityLiner was created in 2020-06.

What airline flies from Venice to Madrid?

This list may not be complete, but these airlines fly non-stop from Madrid to Venice, Italy: Alitalia and KLM Royal Dutch Airlines.

What is the cheapest ticket from Venice to Rimini?

date of departure: 7th june 2012 price: £111 airline: Alitalia departure airport: Marco polo, venice arrival airport: miramare, rimini

Where does one find flights to Venice?

To find flights to Venice over the phone you can call one of the Italian airlines. Alitalia is Italy's largest airline and can be reached at 1-800-223-5730.

Does alitalia fly to washingeton dc?

According to Alitalia.com, Alitalia do not fly direct to Washington Dulles (from Rome FCO)

What is the name of the plane that transports the Pope?

When the Pope visits another country on a State visit, the country to which he travels usually has an Airline based in that country do the honors. For example, British Airways might fly the Pope to London. It isn't required, and often times the Pope will use an Italian Airline instead if it is not offered by the nation. The pope doesn't buy a ticket, he and his travelling staff take up a whole plane.

What aircraft does the pope use?

Typically Alitalia transports him, lately on a 777. None of that is set in stone though because the Vatican can technically go to the lowest bidding airline. Whatever aircraft he is on is called "Shepard One".

Where can one find information about Alitalia Airlines?

The best place is the official site of Alitalia Airlines at Alitalia dot com. There one can get all information regarding flight schedules, booking, baggage information, frequent flier clubs etc.

How long from America to Rome?

About between 6 to 13 hours, depending on where in the U.S. you are flying from and what airline you are using. Overseas flights usually take off from New York to London, then you connect from London to Rome. You can also check flight times on airlines websites. Alitalia is a popular airline when flying to Italy. Good luck.

Who are airline partners with air france?

All Skyteam Alliance airlines partner with Air France. Specifically, Delta, KLM and Alitalia but there are the other too. Alaska airlines also has a strong alliance even though not part of Skyteam.

GoAir is a leading domestic flight provider in what country?

GoAir is an airline that provides domestic flights in the country of India. It claims to be the most reliable airline and also the one that costs the least money.

What are the cheapest airline to go to Israel from Philippines and how much would it cost me?

I was going from new York to Israel with air line "Alitalia" in a time when it was a expensive to go I was paying $850 when most of the prices was over $1000 but I don't know about Philippines.

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