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Not necessarily. But the big movement in all governments is to have a world currency, and a world religion. You know like happy-happy joy, lets hold hands around the fire and "love" each other. One world community. New World Order?

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Q: Is all government a conspiracy against the people?
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Is all this stuff about preachers who are part of Illuminati a conspiracy against Christianity?

In truth, it is a conspiracy. It is a conspiracy against intelligence. Perhaps a conspiracy against sanity. There is no secret, malevolent, construct of man that is organized against Christianity. Not even atheists can agree on how to address Christianity. For that matter, not even Christians can agree.

Why are people too dependent on technology?

Because the government is slowly using it to take over the minds of all young people. This answer is paranoid conspiracy theory.

Who started the new world order?

There is no such thing as the "New World Order", it's just a foolish conspiracy theory made up by people who are not happy with the current government and try to get all the people to believe in their lies that the government wants to oppress the people. Then the conspiracy theorists hope to get a revolution, and probably get themselves in power.

Why did Hrothgar build Herot?

he didn't its fake. all government conspiracy.

Are ther protections against abuse of emergency powers?

the will of the people is all that can stand against the usurpers of liberty in government.

Who was involved in the final conspiracy against Jesus?

While Jesus was on earth, the people (the Jews), and their leaders and the Roman rulers, were all involved in the conspiracy against him. Yet the final conspiracy against him is today in the world, and continues until he returns in glory; just as the Scripture says in Psalm 2. So that we would all be well advised to follow the advice given at the end of this Psalm in verse -12. Kiss the Son, lest he be angry, and ye perish [from] the way, when his wrath is kindled but a little. Blessed [are] all they that put their trust in him.

How many astronauts go into space each year?

0 it was all a government conspiracy all that's up there is heaven

Do you have a right to rebel against your government?

Yes It is not only the right but the duty of all people to rebel against the government when the government no longer serves the interest of the people. The people are the country. We elect people to represent us to the world. When those representatives no longer act on the peoples voice it is time for the people to rise up and replace it with one that does.

What did Egypt government use against Egyptian people?

In the fact all members of the previous government were dictators and they used force to remain in their seats.

Why are match dot com and eharmony commercials appearing more often.. is the government trying to get people together?

Yes they are; it's a conspiracy (which is why NO ONE has bothered to answer this question; they are all in on it).

Was it necessary for the government to take strong measures against people who opposed the war?

It was necessary for the government to take strong measures against people who opposed the war so that all can remain united. The United of States was a confederation and unity was critical.

In 2003 how many people died in traffice accidents in the US?

none death is a conspiracy hidden by the government to make us pay medical bill the truth is that if you "die" you are really hidden in a secret government facility for all eternity

What are the charges against jose rizal?

The charges against Jose Rizal were sedition, rebellion and conspiracy. He was convicted and admitted to all three changes and was sentenced to death.

FOOD fact or fiction?

Fiction, there is not food. Its all a US government conspiracy to make us think we exist.

What is countermajoritarianism?

steps put into place to counter majority rule in the government if it goes against the basic equality of all people

What is the job of the Prosecuting Authority in the US?

In the US, the prosecutor's office, although part of the Executive Branch of government, is an independent officethat represents the government (i.e.: the "people") in all criminal prosecutions, as well as representing "the people" against the government in cases of wrongful action carried out against them by other governemt agencies or operatives.

What branch of government are women allowed in?

All of them, the government can't be discriminant against sexes.

How do you use the word conspiracy in a sentence?

We all joined into a conspiracy not to give you a sentence with "conspiracy" in it. Conspiracy theorists still believe that Lee Harvey Oswald did not act alone.

How effective was McCarthy's campaign against communists in government?

not at all

Who was not a member of the conspiracy against Caesar?

Your question is impossible to answer because we simply do not have all the names of Caesar's allies. In fact, we don't even have all the names of Cesar's killers. For example, there was a group of between 30 and 60 senators (sources vary) who were in on the conspiracy out of about 900 senators at the time of Caesar. However, if you are referring to the most prominent men who were not in on the conspiracy, they were Cicero and Marc Antony.

What are the three things the federal government must guarantee to all the states?

There are three things that the US federal government guarantees to all the states. These are: a republican form of government, protection against invasion and protection against domestic violence.

Do think the new America government will succeed why?

Whether or not the American government will succeed is based on all different opinions depending on who is asked. Some people are very strongly against the way the American government is being ran and others are supports of the government.

What is the same between government of the US and Greece?

they are all against russians

What are all of the terror attacks to happen against the World Trade Centre?

Was caused by our Government for greed for oil, Sad our US killed its own people.

Was being against Catholic teaching one of the roots of the conspiracy that the Fremasons are in legion with the Ku Klux Klan?

Christians and Catholics are very closely aligned they aren't against it at all and neither would have anything to do with the clan