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Yes, surgery of any kind (a shock to the system) can cause your body to be "out of whack" for a while, including your cycle. It should regulate itself in a couple months.

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Q: Is an irregular period after a tubal ligation in which clamps were used normal?
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Is it normal to have brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular period?

yes it is normal to brown discharge come from you if you have an irregular periods or on the day you finish your period.

Is it normal to not have a regular period?

When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month. When you are just starting your period, it is normal for it to be irregular, but soon it will start to come every month.

Is it normal that i haven't gotten my period for 2 months?

if you are just started to get your period yes it is normal to be irregular. but if you have been having your period this is not normal at all.

I'm 13 and have a very irregular period is that normal?

Yes, when you are younger, or just begining your cycle; it is very normal to have an irregular period. It is normal through all of your teens years as your body is constently changing.

Does a late period in a woman who received tubal ligation mean she could be pregnant?

Tubal ligation is not 100 percent effective, although it is nearly so. However, one ramification of the surgery is that periods can be irregular.

What should you do if you only had a one day period?

If its your first period or your irregular its normal but if your not irregular it might just be spotting go to the doctor just in case.

Why are my periods irregular when they used to be normal?

your period will never be the same everytime

Can you have a tubal ligation done during a period?

I was on my period during my tubal ligation, and when I woke up, I was only spotting. The next day my period was gone. The tubal ligation completely stopped my period... was great.

Is it normal to miss your next period or have an irregular cycle after stopping taking the pill?

Yes this is normal. Your period should return to a normal cycle within 3 months.

You had a tubal ligation in Feb2007 your period is almost 3 weeks late What should you do?

Wow! Do I know how you feel! I had my tubal ligation on December 1, 2006, and my period has not happened yet for the month of June...and it's July 9! I am worried, but I read on this site that it takes 6 to 18 months for your body to return to a "normal" cycle...and if you were irregular before the tubal, that it could make it even more so irregular after one. So that makes me feel tons better....I was very irregular before! I would wait for a couple of days, then maybe take a home pregnancy test....then go to a doctor for a blood test.

When on jasmin can you be pregnant and still get your period?

you can still have your period during pregnancy but it does not usually seem to be normal when you are pregnant mosly irregular

Does the 30 day waiting period also apply to Florida?

What is the waiting period in Florida for a tubial ligation? Can the waiting period be waived? What is the waiting period in Flrida for a tubila ligation?

What does it mean if you have started your period in the space of 2 weeks of your last period?

its just irregular, this is normal for the first years, up to 3 or even 4 years until your period cycle will become normal.

Is it normal if you feel dizzy and lightheaded and have an irregular heartbeat when your on your period?

These symptoms are not usually a response to a "normal" period. You should be evaluated by your doctor, and make the appointment now. Lynn, RN

Can you be late then get a light period lasting 3 weeks followed by a heavy period?

you can if you are just starting. it's normal for an irregular flow.

Your period was 3 days late but you started your period are you pregnant?

No, you are not pregnant. Sometimes Periods are just a little irregular, it is normal though.

Is it normal to be two weeks late on your period?

It depends how long you have had your period. If you are closer to the beginning of getting periods, it could just be irregular.

What happens if you miss your period but your a virgin?

don't worry your periods are just irregular. its completely normal.

Do you have to be on your period to have tubal ligation?

No way

Is it normal to have an irregular period Ex. Your period surprises you everytime it comes on. There is no set pattern.?

Well, I'm like that too, so i guess it is...

When you start your period is it a normal cycle at first?

Usually not at first but sometimes it is irregular for quite some time

After a laparscopy in February you have been having your period every 6 weeks is this normal?

It can cause irregular periods.

I was 35 days late on my period but then i started my period could i be pregnant?

Are you irregular @ other times? if yes I would not worry yet. if no I would not worry if your period is normal. if your period is not normal, I would seek professional opinion. either way you should seek medical assistance if your not normal in the future.

Is it normal for your period to last longer than usual?

periods are commonly irregular. if ones a little shorter or a little longer that's completely normal.

You are 14 and have an irregular period is that normal?

well not really but a lot of people at the age of 12 have their period with in 3 weeks and if you dont like it you can take a pill to slow down you period