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Is asking for an apology from your wife without using threats or violence after she makes false complaints of abuse to police and no charges are filed considered further abuse and a police matter?


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Abuse can be mental and emotional the scars are just not visible. Now if you wife is going to the police and there is no abuse occurring, what's the deal. Maybe you need not to have that type of drama in you lives, get a divorce. No it is not a police matter to ask for an apology unless there is a restraining order. Even then that is illegal. Now it sounds like mind games and immaturity has taken over this relationship, best advice re-evaluate the relationship before someone gets hurt and Im hoping children are not in the middle of this because if they are they will be messed up by not seeing how a healthy relationship should function. Any person that would make these types of accuations most certianly needs therapy. She will not apologize on her own. If you want to save your marrige get into therapy with her. Then maybe she will apologize. But she won't do it now. But i would say that this relationship is not going to go any- where until this matter is resolved. Love is pretty strong, but there are just somethings that you can't get past.