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Abuse can be mental and emotional the scars are just not visible. Now if you wife is going to the police and there is no abuse occurring, what's the deal. Maybe you need not to have that type of drama in you lives, get a divorce. No it is not a police matter to ask for an apology unless there is a restraining order. Even then that is illegal. Now it sounds like mind games and immaturity has taken over this relationship, best advice re-evaluate the relationship before someone gets hurt and Im hoping children are not in the middle of this because if they are they will be messed up by not seeing how a healthy relationship should function. Any person that would make these types of accuations most certianly needs therapy. She will not apologize on her own. If you want to save your marrige get into therapy with her. Then maybe she will apologize. But she won't do it now. But i would say that this relationship is not going to go any- where until this matter is resolved. Love is pretty strong, but there are just somethings that you can't get past.

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How do you get domestic violence charges removed?

Domestic Violence is one of the charges that cannot be expunged from your record.

What is considered a domestic violence charge?

Domestic violence misdemeanor charges can also have drastic effects, such as: Loss of or change in custody/visitation rights, Decreased ability to obtain employment or housing (many employers and housing authorities require disclosure of domestic violence misdemeanor charges.

What are the domestic violence charges in The US?

The domestic violence charges in the US include 'The Violence against Women Act', 'The Family Violence Prevention'. There are also stalking laws and laws that cover violence against men.

How much jail time can you get for domestic violence offense?

What are the charges for domestic violence in AZ

Magnanimity in a sentence?

The magnanimity of the store owner was great; he did not press charges on the robber once he received an apology.

Can an offender remove domestic violence charges from their record?


The Apology What does Socrates claim is the real reason for the charges laid against him?

He is a constant reminder of his accusers' non-virtuous actions.

Which of Plato's works describes the trial of Socrate and Socrates' defense against charges that he was corrupting the youth of Athens?

The Apology

What would the charges be for gun possession be for a domestic violence offender?

This is a felony crime.

Rules on pressing charges in chesterfieid county whats the rules on having contact with someone after pressing charges?

Individuals can NOT "press charges!" They can only file complaints with law enforcement who will then investigate - take proper action - and then the prosecutors office will actually file charges.

If arrested on domestic violence charges but plead to non domestic violence charges after a negotiation can the arrest record be sealed later?

Not sure I lfully understand what you are asking - however I will say this - In most(all?) states Domestic Violence offenses are the exception to being expunged or pardoned. They will always remain on your record.

Can you drop charges of domestic violence?

No, once the Prosecutor has filed the charges you have no say in the matter. You may be a 'reluctant witness' but, by yourself, you cannot withdraw them.

What are charges that can be brought fro m a spouse claiming verbal threat?

Domestic Violence.

What does having charges stayed mean in domestic violence?

These are conditions given before trial. These conditions will stay in place until the charges are resolved after a trial.

What federal office can be contacted to report any charges or complaints of employment discrimination?

Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC)

In The Apology by Plato what does Socrates claim is the real reason for the charges laid against him?

Socrates says that he is a constant reminder of the non-virtuous actions of his accusers.

What is the statute of limitations to press charges for domestic violence.?

The State (Government or Government Organization has limitations to orceed unilaterally against domestic violence. The person suffers from domestic violence has to got to law body for justice

Is Adam Gontier violent?

No. Adam Gontier has never been arrested or indicted on charges of violence.

Electrical charges flow in the same path?

Electrical charges will not flow. The considered to be held stationary.

Can you stop a domestic violence charge with your husband?

Maybe, you need to talk to whoever was responsible for putting the charges because domestic violence is very a very serious porblem.

Can you legally carry a firearm if you've been convicted of domestic violence?

No. You can't even legally possess one if you've been convicted of domestic violence charges.

How can the victim of domestic violence drop the charges?

The key to doing so is for both the victim and the defendant to cooperate with victim and witness coordinators, prosecuting attorneys and the courts .People wanting to dismiss domestic violence charges can schedule a meeting with a victim and witness coordinator for their jurisdictions.

How does socrates story of his getting intoo and practice of philosophy undercut those charges of corruption and worshiping false gods?

how does Socrates get into practicing philosophy according to the apology

Does NopalXin work?

No. No weight loss, complaints of unauthorized charges, complaints of being "ripped off", failure to refund, etc. Typical snake oil scam. Promises all, delivers nothing. In fact, just entering their name brings up all the complaints, usually you have to enter the word "scam" with it!

Why did the US government sue Microsoft?

The main reason given is the number of complaints made by companies trying to do business with Microsoft was so large the Government had to act on the complaints. What is more important is the charges that Microsoft was found guilty as charged on