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Yes 14,000 is too low!!! Get a debt counsler and get on a program to pay this small amount!!! This can be paid over 5 years and your credit report will reflect a positive change. 14,000 is just too low...oh and by the way get employed!
Yes, however new bankruptcy reform goes into effect in approximately two weeks. Most attorneys are overloaded with BK cases and many are refusing to accept more, especially legal aid/legal services for those persons who have limited assets and income. Anyone who is contemplating filing a Chapter Seven, should begin the process immediately. When new BK laws take affect it will be almost impossible for the average consumer to file a total liquidation "7".

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Q: Is being in debt for 14000 too low to file for bankruptcy even if you are unemployed?
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Are you liable for debt cancelled in bankruptcy?

No you are not, If you deglared bankruptcy, that cancels your debt

If you Filed bankruptcy and are in debt again can you go to jail?

Not for being in debt again. You can be jailed for contempt if you have not paid a child support order or other non-dischargeable debt, but not for being in debt again.

If you are a landholder on a home and the person files bankruptcy will they be able to include the debt they owe you into the bankruptcy?

They can include it, but the creditor/landholder can file a relief of stay to have the debt excluded from being discharged in the bankruptcy. The decision of what debts are to be discharged are determined by state and/or federal law and the bankruptcy judge.

Can you stop a creditor from selling your account once you have filed bankruptcy?

No. The bankruptcy is to stop anyone who has a right to collect a debt from being able to collect, called the automatic stay. If the debt is listed in the correct debt owner's (creditor's) address and it is discharged, it does not matter who owns the debt.

Where can one get help for credit card debt bankruptcy?

There are many places where one can get help for credit and debt bankruptcy. For example, Debt Advisors Scotland, Consumer Information and Total Bankruptcy.

Will you get a 1099 for debt discharged in Chap 7 bankruptcy?

No. Unlike some non-bankruptcy situations, debt wiped out in bankruptcy (any chapter) is NOT income to the debtor.

Are all debts automatically discharge in chapter 7 bankruptcy for a bankruptcy that occurred in 1988?

If a debt was listed on a Bankruptcy that you filed and the Bankruptcy went through then that debt is permanently discharged with a Chapter 7.

Can a government grant help an unemployed person with a $20,000 credit card debt?

“Can a government grant help an unemployed person with a $20,000 credit card debt?

How should an obligation that is discharged in a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy be reflected in a subsequent credit report?

The debt should be identified as being in bankruptcy or discharged in bankruptcy. It will remain on the list for 7 years. The bankruptcy will remain on the report for 10 years.

What is a sentence using the word bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy:noun:the state or an instance of being bankruptcomplete failure; ruinExample sentences:We were in such financial debt that we had to file for bankruptcy.I was told there were other ways to avoid bankruptcy.Unfortunately, declaring bankruptcy was our only option.

Can you claim bankruptcy on IRS debt?

Filing for bankruptcy is one of five ways to get out of tax debt, but you should consider bankruptcy only if you meet the requirements for discharging your taxes.

Can a judgment be put on your credit if the debt was part of the bankruptcy?

Not if the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy. If the judgment was on the credit report before the bankruptcy was filed and/or was discharged in the bankruptcy, the entry will still remain on the CR for seven years.

Can you file bankruptcy on a truck repo past due loan?

No, if you mean, can you single out this debt to "file bankruptcy on." You file bankruptcy on ALL your creditors. You don't get to pick and choose. But you can certainly include such a debt in bankruptcy.

What is the difference between debt settlement vs bankruptcy?

There is a subtle difference between debt settlement and bankruptcy. Debt settlement allows a person to pay off some of their debt with their creditors. Bankruptcy claims do not result in payment of the debt. Either practice creates bad credit scores for the consumer.

In CA, if I file for bankruptcy, must I list the property taxes I owe for the first half of this year I'm making payments for 5 years on the taxes due. Can this debt be claimed Or, can I legally omit the debt from my filing?

Generally, if you want the debt to be included in your bankruptcy determination, it needs to be listed. Failure to do so will possibly result in the debt not being removed or reduced per the bankruptcy judge's determination. In that case, you will still owe the funds regardless of what your bankruptcy order says.

What are the different types of bankruptcy?

There are five different types of bankruptcy including individual bankruptcy for liquidation or debt, farming bankruptcy, municipal bankruptcy, and corporation bankruptcy.

If you file bankruptcy after being sued by a credit card company is the judgment against you removed?

Yes, if it is not a perfected lien against real property and the debt was discharged in the bankruptcy.

What debt will bankruptcy not erase?

Bad check debt filed with the state.

Can a cosigner put the debt that they cosigned for under bankruptcy to release them from the debt if the debt is not in default?


What happens to a judgment lien in a bankruptcy?

If the bankruptcy is discharged you are no longer responsible for the debt.

Is Debt Settlement easier than bankruptcy?

It depends on the amount you in your debt. If your debt is a large sum and figure, the best and most ideal thing would be to declare bankruptcy. If not debt settlement would be much easier.

Do you need to include a debt that you are still being treated for when filing bankruptcy?

Yes, you need to file it because it has to be shown for legal reasons to show your accountant and superiors. Also it can also be evidence to show what was the actual cause of bankruptcy because sometimes it's not always debt.TIP: Always keep a note of what your incomes and the money you take out to stop you going into debt and eventually bankruptcy!

Can you file a lien on a company after it has filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy?

If the debt was incurred prior to the bankruptcy, then you cannot file a lien and your debt will be dealt with in the Chapter 11 plan of reorganization. If the debt was incurred after the bankruptcy, then any action you do take must be approved by filing the appropriate with the bankruptcy court first.

What is chaptur 7?

Chapter 7 is a "fresh start" bankruptcy. You are discharged from all debt included in the bankruptcy. There are some debt that you cannot discharge.

Can you get debt relief after filing bankruptcy?

Bankruptcy IS debt relief. After filing bankrupt, you HAVE no more debts. No credit, either, but that's the way it works.