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No. It is normal for a lot of women to experience clots during their period. But if your pregnant and you experience clots along with heavy bleeding, then this is usually a indication of a miscarriage. You need to see your OB or doctor for confirmation.

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Q: Is clotting always associated with miscarriage during early pregnancy?
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Will a pregnancy test always be positive while you are having a miscarriage?


Does passing tissue during pregnancy always mean your going to have a miscarriage?


Is the girl fertile few days after her miscarriage?

Potentially a woman may be fertile after miscarriage. This is fairly unlikely as it takes time after miscarriage or pregnancy for a womans cycles to return to normal, however you should always assume that pregnancy is a possibility whenever you have sex.

Can your first pregnancy ever become a miscarriage?

yes it can.but not always.thats why always check twice

If you took a pregnancy test and it was positive and then a week later a pregnancy test was negative could you have been pregnant and had a miscarriage?

If you started to bleed soon after, then there is a possibility that you could of had a miscarriage. Pregnancy tests are not always acurrate though and that could of been the problem. If it was a miscarriage then I would go and see the docter, because you should get cleaned out nad the docter will tell you if you really were pregnant or not.

What is chances of pregnancy 3 days after pregnancy?

very high you are very fertile after pregnancy for about 7-14 days they always tell you to use extra protection straight after a full term pregnancy ,termination or miscarriage

If you always get sick when pregnant and your not this time does it mean miscarriage?

No every pregnancy is different so you are just lucky this time.

Had a miscarriage in may08 pregnant again should miscarriage be a concern?

Not necessarily. A miscarriage can happen during a woman's first or fourth pregnancy. There is always a chance, but you shouldn't stress yourself out about it happening again every time you become pregnant.

When had a miscarriage how long do pregnancy symptoms last afterwards?

This depends on when the miscarriage occurred, and the individual. As everybody is different the easiest thing to do is to ask some experienced mothers and grandmothers. Remember the mental effects of a miscarriage will always be remembered and can last for many years.

Is there a possibility a woman may not experience bleeding during a miscarriage?

No, during miscarriage there is always bleeding. In early miscarriage the embryo and uterine lining will shed so look like a heavy menstrual bleed, further on in pregnancy there may be more obvious embryo or foetus and late pregnancy a woman would need to go to hospital to give birth to the foetus.

Can miscarriage affect the next pregnancy?

Not always it depends on the circumstances of the miscarriage and how far along you were, I miscarried in august 2009 and by the end of September I was pregnant with my son who is now a happy healthy 2 year old! X

The emergency Room Doctor couldn't see the baby at almost 5 weeks does that mean that i had a miscarriage?

If you had a miscarriage, you will definitely start bleeding heavily certainly after 5 weeks of pregnancy. ER Doctors are always busy, and will mostly not be focused when the case is not an emergency, in the case you were bleeding and in pain then of course it could have been a miscarriage, best is to try a pregnancy test again, and change hospital.

Do you always bleed or spot when you miscarry?

You must bleed to miscarry. Your body has built up an environment for the baby which must be expelled from the body once the pregnancy dies. It does this by bleeding. That said, bleeding during a pregnancy does not indicate a miscarriage. There are many other reasons to bleed while pregnant. But you should get all bleeding checked up on. Bleeding is not always the first sign of a miscarriage. Other things that you may experience are cramps and loss of your pregnancy symptoms such as morning sickness.

Does heavy bleeding with clots always turn out to be a miscarriage or is there a possiblity that the pregnancy could be viable and if so what are the possible causes of the bleeding?

heavy bleeding does not always mean miscarriage. there could have been a blood clot or a tear but i have heard a few women talk about heavy bleeding and thought they were miscarrying but were fine.

Is brown discharge associated with pregnancy?

Could be. A lot of pregnant women say they spotted early in pregnancy. However, I always get brown spotting before a period.

Can taking too many pain killers while pregnant cause a miscarriage?

Yes I think it could, the begining of pregnancy is when you should be the most careful because you are always at risk for a miscarriage, don't worry if you did though, if you stop now you should be fine.

Missed period - are you pregnant?

A missed period is not always indicative of pregnancy. There are several reasons a period can be missed; however 20% of all pregnancies end in miscarriage (spontaneous abortion). Some females miss a period for weeks and then have what they think is a very heavy period when in fact it is a miscarriage.

Do miscarriage always hurt?

Unfortunatly yes

Do you got to the hospital if you have a miscarriage?

It depends how far through your pregnancy you were. They sometimes have to check your uterus has closed after emptying everything as it could dause infection if not. It's always best to go and check.

Is pregnancy test always correct?

No, pregnancy tests are not always correct.

What does it mean if you bleed and cramp early in pregnancy?

you could be having a miscarriage or it may be nothing serious. It could be hormonal changes or implantation bleeding but always go to the doctor because you never know.

Can vaginal bleeding be a problem during pregnancy?

Yes it can be an indicator of a miscarriage or placenta abrupture. However a small amount of spotting is not always a sign of serious trouble - it should be reported to your doctor or midwife.

Is always blood a signe of a miscarriage?

Blood in early pregnancy is fairly common. If the blood is heavy (and there are clots in it) and you're having cramps along with it.. Get to your doctor as soon as you can.

Will miscarriage happen after 5 days of conceiving?

It can, but not always.

Do you always have pains and cramps when you miscarry or could you be having a miscarriage and not even know it other than bleeding?

You would USUALLY have cramps with bleeding. But it is not always the case. If you are bleeding heavily, consult a doctor straight away. They may be able to save the pregnancy.