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Really, that just depends who you are.

Club Penguin, in honesty, was targeted for younger users than even Roblox was.

ROBLOX is a lot harder to grasp for younger users than Club Penguin is, as CP is a rather casual game. ROBLOX, on the other hand, allows you to make 3D objects with bricks, while Club Penguin simply allows you to play miscellaneous minigames to earn money to spend on your character. Of course, ROBLOX has the same thing, but with more of an aspect on building, not just running around aimlessly.

Sorry if this seemed a little one-sided, I tried to write openly, and again, it just depends who you are.

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Well I say the game is better because u don't have to buy anything or sighn up but that's not what my frend says, its just if you like websites and sighning up for all of that then you will like the web site better, but if not than you will like the game better. Glad I could help! = )

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Q: Is club penguin better than there video game?
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