Is cobra venom used for a possible cure for arthritis?


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There is currently a lot of research being done on venoms of many snakes, sea creatures and insects and it is all going in many, many different ways. I do believe Arthritis is one of the issues they are looking at. I'm doing a project on it. Anyone(interested) can consult with me at this given email id-

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Anti-venom must be used.

Yeah king cobra help humans. Because king cobra venom is very helpful to cure different deceases of humans.

today we use anti-venom but back then that wasn't invented yet so there was not a cure. The mortality rate for an untreated king cobra bite is 75%

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Food can't cure Arthritis but it can have some effect, good or bad. There is a book in the States called "the Arthritis Cure" filled with information on how to help ease the pain of Arthritis.

There is no cure for arthritis. The only option at present is analgesics (pain relievers) noninflammatory, and disease modifying drugs.

there is no cure for arthritis and to find relief from the pain and in some cases the damaging effects of inflammatory arthritis ou need to find out exactly what is being damaged and what sort of arthritis you have. Rheumatoid arthritis can be brought under control though there is no cure as yet.

There is currently no proven cure for cancer. There are several treatments available, but snake venom is not a medically accepted treatment for cancer.

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