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Is cracking your knuckles bad?


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No. The cracking sound is caused when the small bubbles of air in between your joints pop. It does not cause any problems. People who say that is causes damage are passing on a myth.


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Cracking you knuckles isn't bad as long as you push on them lightly.

There is no indication that cracking your knuckles is harmful.

cracking knuckles is Not Good for health & not bad for health. only leads to sore fingers at the end of the day..

It may cause aurthrites in the knuckles. And cause your fingers to be crocked.

Cracking your knuckles releases a gas that naturally forms in your joints. Cracking them isn't bad for you unless it causes pain.

Cracking knuckles sound like cracking knuckles

Cracking your knuckles is just releasing the nitrogen in between your joints. Cracking your knuckles can cause you to crack them more often. Your knuckles may become larger from cracking them.

Cracking your knuckles can cause your knuckles to swell depending on how often you crack them.

I know cracking knuckles leads to fat knuckles when older. So cracking toe knuckles can be harmful. Their only good when you crack them while stretching, not for fun

Cracking your knuckles releases the nitrogen from in between your joints.

No. Cracking the knuckles does not damage tot he joint.

First of all cracking your knuckles isn't your bones grinding together, it is air being released from between your knuckles And yes, cracking your knuckles is bad for you because it damages your ligaments and it erodes the cushion between your fingers which will hurt you. The safe way to crack your knucles is pull at them until they crack. I used to also crack my knuckles all the time so at first it is hard but later it will not be botherish.

No. It Makes your knuckles swell up and never goes away. :\ So stop cracking your knuckles!!

Some people say that it can cause arthritis, but this is untrue. Cracking your knuckles can cause your knuckles to grow larger though.

Cracking your knuckles does not lead to arthritis, as some people may think. There is no treatment available for cracking your knuckles as it is not a medical condition.

When you crack your knuckles, your bones are rubbing together. That's what makes the cracking sound. It used to be beleived that cracking your knuckles caused arthridis, but that been prooved untrue.

No neither does cracking your knuckles

Well first off it causes knuckles to appear enlarged and fat. There are some studies and articles show that cracking knuckles can contribute to arthritis, however, there are also studies and articles that show that it DOES NOT cause arthritis.

No, and I read somewhere that cracking your knuckles doesn't actually increase their size. Couldn't tell you where I read it though

It is a common myth that cracking your knuckles causes arthritis, but it is not true. It is, however, annoying!!

There is no data linking swollen wrists with knuckle cracking. In fact, there is no data linking knuckle cracking with swollen knuckles or arthritis.

Well Cacking our knuckles Some people thing it causes arthritus, but actually the sound is caused by a various form of gasses that are being let off by the cracking sound, cracking your knuckles can also make your knuckles swell or puff, So it doesn't do anything to your BODY but it does do something to your knuckles!

Yea it is i have been cracking my knuckles a long time and it has become a habit BUT i choose to it is kind of a stress reliever

No. There is no evidence that cracking your knuckles or fingers will lead to any adverse consequence (not even arthritis).

Gases that are trapped in between your knuckles

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