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Depends... Are you craving vodka, rum, Bourbon, or beer? Then yes it's Alcoholism.

However, just an occasional craving is not alcoholism.

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Q: Is craving a symptom of alcoholism?
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Is craving a system of alcoholism?

Craving alcohol is one of the symptoms of alcoholism, but simply craving alcohol does not make a person an alcoholic.

NOT a symptom of alcoholism?

Drinking alcohol in moderation is not a symptom of alcoholism.

Why does alcoholism cause your feet to burn?

That is not a symptom of alcoholism.

Which is a typical symptom of substance dependence?


Which of these is NOT a symptom of alcoholism?

the answer is , loss of appetite. Your welcome

Are broken capillaries a symptom of alcoholism?

The liver is responsible for a few types of clotting factors and when the liver is diseased (which commonly is caused by alcoholism) it stops making these clotting factors and bleeding is more prevalent. A broken capillary, or a bruise, is a symptom of possible liver damage.

What Loss of control is one symptom is called a alcoholism?

So-called "loss of control" is actually a myth.

When an individual develops a strong craving for alcohol because it produces pleasurable feelings or relieves stress it is called?

MABYE, NOT SURE COULD be alcoholism

Is having a constant urge to drink a symptom of alcoholism?

Symptoms of alcoholism include a pattern of drinking, drinking and driving, blacking out, and becoming angry and violent. People affected by alcoholism may continue to drink in spite of others telling them that they may have a problem, heavy involvement in alcohol related activities and smelling of alcohol on a regular basis.

Can gambling addiction be linked to others?

Gambling has been known to be linked to other addictions because of the "craving" you get when you are gambling. Having that urgency can lead to alcoholism or drug addiction, if not treated right away.

What is the most common symptom of alcoholism?

Looking for more alcohol after you have drunk what you have in front of you. Looking at what amount of alcohol you have for yourself for the night and asking yourself if you need to go and get more.

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