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No. Only Visa, Master Card and American Express cards are accepted in Mexico.

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It is a Discover credit card and can be used anywhere Discover is accepted

Discover credit cards are not accepted as often as Visa in stores. Visa's are usually issued through a bank, even a local bank or credit union. Where as Discover is issued by Discover Bank and its affiliates.

JCB is a Japanese credit card. It is issued in the USA targeting the Japanese population. It is accepted wherever Discover Cards are accepted.

Unfortunately as said in Discover Card's terms, the credit card is not accepted in London, England because it is only accepted in the USA, Canada, Japan, and a few other areas.

Where is lowe's credit card accepted?

No, the Discover Card is a completely separate type of credit card. It is not a VISA or MasterCard.

The Discover Card is a popular credit card that is accepted around the world. It is accepted in the following regions. They are North America, Europe, the Middle East, Central America, Eurasia, the South Pacific, South America, Asia, Caribbean, and Africa. Not all places accept discover card, so ask an employee before trying to purchase something.

Credit card machines will accept virtually all credit cards from major companies. These would include Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.

Yes, Discover has both a bank and credit card services.

From what I can tell from the Discover Card website, Discover Card is not accepted at merchants in Sweden, as of 2014. However, you can use your Discover Card for cash advances on ATMs in the "pulse" network worldwide, including in Sweden.

Some of the most popular credit cards accepted by merchants are Chase, Discover, Visa and Master cards and the reason why they are the most popular is because they are the largest credit card companies and are accepted by most merchants.

Yes, most Wal-mart's do accept your discover credit card.

Discover credit cards is not a well known brand, while master visa cards , times cards or the platinum citi cards are more accepted and known

All the major credit cards are widely accepted (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover, etc). They have worldwide acceptance, as far as I know. However, application for a traditional credit card from the major issuers are a little difficult, I think, but you can always go for their debit/secured cards.

Discover card rewards offer credit card rewards such as cash back and airline mileage. You have to compare each credit card to see which card has the best benefits for you.

Walmart does indeed offer a Discover card! It also offers an unbranded, Walmart-only card, but you can only use this card at Walmart - unlike the Discover card which you can use anywhere Discover is accepted.

There are various kinds of Discover cards. The Discover credit card has a white steel-like colouring with orange and black lettering. while the Discover business credit card has turqoise colouring, and white and orange lettering

A Discover gift card is a prepaid card that can be accepted at any retailer that accepts Discover credit cards. They provide the convenience of a card without worrying about interest. However, Discover cards cost more than they are worth, unlike most gift cards, so buyers should use caution when purchasing.

To obtain a Sam's Club Discover Card, you have two options. The first being to go to your local Sam's Club store and apply there. The other option is to apply on the Sam's Club website. This card is not only accepted at Sam's Club, but anywhere that a Discover credit card is accepted.

A Visa gift card is not actually accepted everywhere a Visa credit card is accepted. It is a prepaid card which operates like and is accepted as a debit card, not a credit card. While the vast majority of merchants will accept both Visa debit cards and credit cards, if the merchant chooses not to accept debit cards the prepaid Visa card cannot be used.

Kmart owns Sears which has the Discover Card.

Discover card is an internationally known credit card that offers rewards based on how the card is used. To apply for a Discover card visit their website to fill out an application.

The credit card that has the best rated rewards program is the Discover Card with its Discover it rewards program scoring a 8.88 and beating out the others.

Almost all companies accept the Discover credit card. When you go to a place of business look for the little Discover symbol and you will know they accept it.

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