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Dutch is a language spoken in the Netherlands.
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What country are Dutch people from?

Dutch people are from The Netherlands, also known as Holland or thelow countries. The one exception to this are the "Pennsylvania Dutch," becausethat name came from a misinterpretation of the word "deutsch,"which means German. So Pennsylvania Dutch people are from Germany.All the rest of the Dutch ( Full Answer )

What is the Dutch language?

The Dutch language is a Germanic language mainly spoken inthe Netherlands, northern Belgium (Flanders), Suriname and theDutch Antilles. Small pockets of Dutch speakers also live inNorthwestern France (around Calais) and western Germany, around thecity of Cleves. In South Africa, Afrikaans is spok ( Full Answer )

How many Dutch speaking countries are there?

You will also find Dutch speakers in Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao (known as the "ABC Islands"), Saba, St. Eustatius, and Sint Maarten (known as the "SSS Islands"), and Surinam, collectively known as the "Netherlands Antilles."

Which country speaks Dutch?

the netherlands and some of its former colonies like surinam, the dutch antillies and the flemish part of belgium.

How can you change the Dutch language into English?

By pasting Dutch text on websites like Babelfish(Yahoo) or google translate. Hit the translate button and its done. Be careful, translations generated with this sort machines are never a reliable one.

What country speaks Dutch?

The Netherlands, Belgium, French Flanders, Indonesia (amongst older people), some communities in South Africa who refuse to recognise Afrikaans, the Congo and Suriname. In northern Germany very similar languages are spoken, for example East Frisian, Mecklenburggish and Pomeranian Platt. Westphalian ( Full Answer )

What is a language with a combination of dutch and Spanish?

Papiamento, or Papiamentu, is the language spoken on the Caribbean islands of Aruba, Bonaire, and Curaçao (the so-called ABC islands).. Papiamento is a creole language with roots in primarily African, Portuguese and Dutch and to a lesser extent Spanish, and Native Indian languages. The biggest m ( Full Answer )

How many words are there in the Dutch language?

\nAccording to the "Dikke van Dale", the most respected Dutch dictionary, there are approximately 240.000 words (translated from \n. \nThe director of Dutch institute of Lexicality estimates more then 5 million words are ever used in the Netherlands. The l ( Full Answer )

In what South American country is Dutch the official language?

Suriname is the South American country in which Dutch is the official language. Specifically, Suriname is South America's smallest independent country. It used to be a colony of the European Kingdom of the Netherlands. During its colonial period, the country's name was Dutch Guiana.

Dutch speaking countries?

Aruba Belgium Curaçao Netherlands Sint Maarten Suriname Luxembourg Dutch is also a former colonial language of Indonesia, and many older people there can speak it. Afrikaans, spoken in South Africa, is very similar to dutch, and many Afrikaans speakers can understand Dutch.

The Dutch live in which country?

The Kingdom of the Netherlands. Also reffered as Holland in many countries. Generally people just use the term Netherlands. The kingdom of the Netherlands is used when they include the islandgroup near south america.

Is Dutch a hard language to learn?

Dutch is a very hard language to learn. Most people think it's likeGerman but it's not. I'm a native speaker and I know many Englishpeople and I try to learn them a little bit Dutch but it's too hardfor them. It's grammatically very hard and very hard to pronounce.Spanish, German, French are easier ( Full Answer )

Are Portuguese and Dutch the same language?

No . Portuguese is a member of the Romance family of languages. For its origins trace back to the ancient interactions between the Latin language of the ancient Roman conquerors and the ancient languages of present-day France, Italy, Portugal, Romania, and Spain. In the case of Portuguese, that in ( Full Answer )

What is the name of the country where Dutch is spoken?

The Kingdom of the Netherlands is the name of the country where Dutch is spoken. Specifically, Dutch is the official and most widely spoken language there. But the people of the Netherlands tend to be multilingual. So Dutch isn't the only language that the country's people know. In fact, it isn't ( Full Answer )

Dutch speaking countries in the Caribbean?

There are only six Dutch speaking countries in the Caribbean. Thiscountries are Saint Martin, Saba, Sint Eustatius, Aruba, Curacao,and Bonaire.

Is there such language of Dutch?

Yes, Dutch is the language spoken in The Netherlands. In Dutch the language is called Nederlands.

Why is Dutch the official language of Suriname?

The Netherlands is the source of the official language of Suriname. Dutch speakers from the Netherlands began settling the subsequent Republic in the 17th century. The area previously had been explored by speakers of Spanish, French, and English in the 16th century. But it was English and then Dutc ( Full Answer )

What country is Dutch in?

The Netherlands is a country and the people living there are called "Nederlanders" (the Dutch translation) or Dutch. The Netherlands lies in Europe, next to Germany and Belgium and the North Sea.

Is Dutch and Flemish the same language?

This question is just about language. Flemish apparently is a dialect of Dutch. It is said that the two are written the same, but not spoken the same.

How many countries speaks Dutch language?

The Netherlands Belgium (spoken by about 60% of the population) Suriname Aruba Sint Maarten Curaçao (spoken by about 10% of the population) In addition, Afrikaans, which is a daughter language of Dutch, is spoken in South Africa and Namibia.

Which country do Dutch live?

In the Kingdom of the Netherlands. Most Dutch people live in The Netherlands, a country in mainland Europe.

Dutch language for ruled the middle colonies?

The Dutch language in its colonies never became as dominant and generally spoken as for instance the Engish language became in Britain's colonies. It was mostly spoken by the Dutch themselves living there and by the "educated" or ruling local people, either because they had attended Dutch-language s ( Full Answer )

What countries is dutch spoken in?

Holland, some parts of Belgium, Suriname, Certain places in South Africa and Nambia, Netherlands Antilles, French Flanders, Germany's Lower Rhine. Also small groups of notable minorities that speak it in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, US and Indonesia.

The longest-word in the Dutch-language?

Not sure, but Hottentottententenbouwtentoon stellingsterreinafsluitingsmaterialen voorraads verzendingskosten berekeningsstatenadministratie boekhoudkundigen has to come close. (Without the spaces, I added the spaces because the site automatically shortened it.) And it absolutely makes no sense and ( Full Answer )

Where is the country of Dutch?

Dutch is a West Germanic language with about 20 million speakers mainly in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are small Dutch-speaking communities in northern France around Dunkerque and Dutch is also spoken in Aruba, the Netherlands Antilles, Suriname and in Indonesia. Dutch is a language, not a c ( Full Answer )

Does Suriname belong to the Dutch Language Union?

Yes , Suriname belongs to the Dutch Language Union. Suriname became an associate member in 2004. The Dutch Language Union [Nederlandse Taalunie is an international institution for standardizing the Dutch language. The NTU was founded by the Netherlands and Belgium on September 9, 1980.

What countries are Dutch?

Got 2 answers for you, if you mean the language as in where in theworld are people speaking dutch as language i know of TheNetherlands (ofcourse) and around The Cape in South Africa, itscalled Cape-Dutch. Essentially if you would be dutch and listenvery carefully to every word you can communicate ha ( Full Answer )

How does language reflect a Dutch heritage?

That the Dutch language remains an official and important means of communication within a Dutch culture laden context is one way in which language reflects Dutch heritage. In the case of the Netherlands, Dutch is the Kingdom's official, most important, historic and enduring language. That means ( Full Answer )

What are the differences between the German and the Dutch language?

Basically they're two completely different languages with a similar origin, only that if you can speak one of them you will most likely be able to roughly understand written texts in the other (since spoken they sound completely different).

How old is the Dutch language?

Pronosticatie van den jare 1514 uten overlantschen ghetrocken in den nederlantschen. It's 497 years old.

Which language is closer to English. Dutch or German?

All three languages; English, German, and Dutch are West Germanic languages. All three are related . But, Dutch is the closer than German. For example: English- I baked these tomatoes and croissants to give to our neighbors. Dutch (Nederlands)- Ik gebakken deze tomaten en croissants te geve ( Full Answer )

What is 'I miss you' in the Dutch language?

It's "Ik mis je" or when you have to be polite (for example becauseyou barely know someone or that person is an adult and isn't fromyour family) "Ik mis u".

Why do Dutch people speak another language?

No offence, but that's a weird question. Why do all countries have a different language? We speak Dutch because that's how it developed thousands through hundreds of years ago. And because we learned it from our parents. Just like you.

Is Dutch an English language?

There is only one "English language" and that's English. English and Dutch belong to a family of languages known as the Germanic languages. These also include German (obviously!), Danish, Swedish, Norwegian and Afrikaans (which is very similar to Dutch). Dutch is probably the second-closest re ( Full Answer )

What is a language much like Dutch?

The two languages closest to Dutch in sound would be Afrikaans and Flemish. English and German are the next closest.

Who find out the Dutch language?

Nobody found out the Dutch language. It evolved over thousands of years, just like most other languages.

What is Dutch language and how is it spoken?

Dutch is an Indo-European, West Germanic language, a descendant of several Frankish dialects and some elements of Frisian merging into Low Franconian, known in the language itself as Nederlands. A typical characteristic of this language spoken by 22 million native speakers (mainly in The Netherlands ( Full Answer )

How many countries have dutch as the official language?

The Netherlands Belgium Suriname Aruba Netherlands Antilles Afrikaans is an official language of South-African language and it is closely related to Dutch. Many older people speak Dutch in Indonesia, but it has no recognized status there.

Is the dutch language older or younger then the english language?

The Dutch language is younger than the English language. However we must not forget that the English language we know nowadays is not comparable to the old, ancient English those days. This is the same as with Dutch. Early modern English language began its rise after the eleventh century (French, ( Full Answer )

What countries traded with the Dutch?

The Mother Trade (de Moedernegotie) is between the Dutch and Baltic states. Germany, USA, China, UK and Italy as well.

Where is the dutch language originated from?

Dutch is a Western Germanic language. Meaning it originated from The German language. Usually it originated in Germany or the Netherlands itself.

Is Dutch a name of a country?

The name of the country is the Netherlands, and the people who live there are known as Dutch