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Is eating 1200 calories per day the way to lose weight and do carbs really matter?

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  • Carbs matter in that if you eat too many, especially too many

    high GI carbs, you will become hyperinsulinaemic and put on weight.

    1200 calories per day is very low and unnecessary unless you want

    to starve yourself at the same time. As long as you keep the

    glycaemic load of your diet low enough, then you should begin to

    lose any excess weight. If not then try cutting back carbs even

    further, or reducing daily intake by approx 250 calories.

  • There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. Good

    carbohydrates are unprocessed and in their natural state such as in

    vegetables and fruit. Bad carbs are things made with enriched

    flour, white bread, most pastas and most snack foods. Sugars and

    corn syrup are bad carbs too. Your body cannot break these carbs

    down as easy and use them for energy. Watch sodium as well. It

    takes a little bit to get use to not seasoning everything with

    salt, but too much sodium will not allow you to lose weight.

  • At 1200 calories and lower per day your body starts to lose

    muscle and store any calories it can since your body believes it is

    starving. Focus on lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, lean red

    meat now and then), good carbs for energy, a little fruit for

    glucose, and a good amount of vegetables spread out throughout the

    day (1500-2000 calories). You will lose weight eating 2000 calories

    a day with the right food.

ADDITION BY REEMAMALIK: NO... Fruit does not contain a lot of

glucose but fructose... and sucrose... glucose comes mainly from

wheats like rice and grains... so you do need to eat rice and

grains... the Chinese people are the slimmest yet they survive on no...rice is not bad at all... the sugar in tropical

fruits is just as bad as refined sugar so limit intake of any

fruits that you don't eat with the skin... such as melons, mangos,

bananas, etc... apples and any other fruits you consume with the

skin usually contain glucose which is definitely better than

fructose containing tropical fruits... so cherries, grapes and

apples are the best fruits to eat if you crave something


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