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Is eating 1200 calories per day the way to lose weight and do carbs really matter?

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  • Carbs matter in that if you eat too many, especially too many high GI carbs, you will become hyperinsulinaemic and put on weight. 1200 calories per day is very low and unnecessary unless you want to starve yourself at the same time. As long as you keep the glycaemic load of your diet low enough, then you should begin to lose any excess weight. If not then try cutting back carbs even further, or reducing daily intake by approx 250 calories.
  • There are good carbs and there are bad carbs. Good carbohydrates are unprocessed and in their natural state such as in vegetables and fruit. Bad carbs are things made with enriched flour, white bread, most pastas and most snack foods. Sugars and corn syrup are bad carbs too. Your body cannot break these carbs down as easy and use them for energy. Watch sodium as well. It takes a little bit to get use to not seasoning everything with salt, but too much sodium will not allow you to lose weight.
  • At 1200 calories and lower per day your body starts to lose muscle and store any calories it can since your body believes it is starving. Focus on lean proteins (chicken, turkey, fish, lean red meat now and then), good carbs for energy, a little fruit for glucose, and a good amount of vegetables spread out throughout the day (1500-2000 calories). You will lose weight eating 2000 calories a day with the right food.

ADDITION BY REEMAMALIK: NO... Fruit does not contain a lot of glucose but fructose... and sucrose... glucose comes mainly from wheats like rice and grains... so you do need to eat rice and grains... the Chinese people are the slimmest yet they survive on no...rice is not bad at all... the sugar in tropical fruits is just as bad as refined sugar so limit intake of any fruits that you don't eat with the skin... such as melons, mangos, bananas, etc... apples and any other fruits you consume with the skin usually contain glucose which is definitely better than fructose containing tropical fruits... so cherries, grapes and apples are the best fruits to eat if you crave something sweet...

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Can you gain weight by eating big healthy meals?

yes...because if you eat more calories than you burn you will gain weight no matter what!

Can you eat 500 calories per day and lose 6 pounds in 2 weeks?

you would die if you ate that many calories. to lose weigh find out how many calories you should be eating for your current weight and then find out how many calories you should be eating for your target weight. slowly inch your calories down to that target weight range. and really you should ask your doctor about weight loss. to see if you even need it.

How can we gain weight?

You can gain weight by eating food with high Calories.

Why do i put weight on when I'm eating nothing?

You really shouldn't be. Then again liquids can have plenty of calories too. Eating little but drinking sodas for instance could let you gain weight for instance.

Does eating chocolate increases weight?

well chocolate increases your weight because chocolate has calories and when you are eating the chocolate the calories of the chocolate go in your body.TALK TO YOUR DOCTOR

Will eating a apple everyday cause weight loss?

to lose weight you need to create a calorie deficit in your food. And if you can do it with or without apple in your diet - it does not matter Important thing for weight loss is negative calories

How much calories are in a kilogram?

Calories are not a form of weight. It could be different amounts for different foods no-matter what the weight is.

How much weight can you lose by eating soups all day?

It's more about calories in vs. calories out. If you are eating light soups and the total calorie count is less than the amount of calories that you burn, then you will lose weight.

Does eating 700 calories a day help you lose weight?


Does Eating banana will increase weight?

no, it is rich in fibre and nutrients, low in calories (only about 100 calories), and will help in weight loss.

How much weight are you losing if you burn 14000 calories a week?

If you are eating 1500 calories a day you will lose 1 lb. if you are eating 1200 calories you will lose 1.6 lbs.

How can gain weight if you do not love eatinng?

If you do not use up all the calories you are consuming then you will . However the body uses up a lot of calories just for living. But you must eat enough calories for you to survive, it doesn't matter if you don't love eating. You are most likely to lose weight if you don't eat.

Can eating apples help you to lose weight?

There are 2 ways to loose weight - eat less, or burn more, calories. If apples replace a higher calorie food, that is eating less calories.

How much weight will you gain from eating a candy bar?

it depends on the calories,calories from fat,sugar etc. and you don't really gain weight because of one candy bar maybe if they're more than one....... alright?-alright :)

How much weight will you lose if you eat 1200 calories a day?

That depends on your genes. To really loose weight you have to eat more so the engine, the body, keeps going and burns calories. Eating below the recommend amount isn't advisable.

You have been eating 1100 calories why m i not losing weight?

You need to give a lot more information if you want a real answer. What is your current height/weight/age/sex. How active are you? How long have you been eating that many calories? How many calories were you eating before that? If you are eating 1100 calories of sugar and simple carbs your body will literally consume your muscle to conserve your fat.

Which is not a effective way to lose weight?

eating food with higher calories

Will eating only 1200 calories a day help you lose weight?

Well, eating 1200 calories will help people lose weight if they usually eat more than 1200 calories. However, there is also the option of exercising daily or regularly.

Can you gain weight from eating crackers?

EVERYTHING with calories will make you gain weight if you don't burn at least that exact amount of calories during the day

How do calories make you fat?

If you eat more then the recommended calories then you will gain weight. If you eat less then the recommended calories then you will lose weight. So actually calories dont make you fat, what makes you fat is the amount of calories you are eating.

Controlling body weight is best accomplished by?

eating the same amount of calories that you burn in a day will make your weight stay the same, to lose weight burn more calories then you eat and to gain weight eat more calories then you burn

Will not eating the recommended calories for your weight class keep you from losing weight?

Eating the recommend calories for your weight class should allow you to maintain your weight. Losing weight is a bit different. Also consider your metabolism, as that differs for each individual across any weight class, and is of huge importance in weight loss and weight gain.

If you are on a diet and eat a slice of pie how much weight do you gain?

it really depends on the pie...the amount of calories will tell you. it doesnt matter if you are on a diet or not.

Is 4400 calories of a week's worth of chocolate unhealthy?

Do you really need to ask this? Of course it is. Noone should be eating that many calories in one day or they will become obese quite quickly and get all the diseases associated with obesity along with it. It wouldn't matter if you ate 4400 calories worth in brocolli, unless you're burning 4400 calories a day, you will gain weight and become unhealthy.

Can you lose weight by eating a lot and exercising?

It depends on your definition of "eating a lot." You should be eating more calories on days you exercise, but don't go too overboard. It's all about calories in, calories out. That means if you just go for a 30-minute walk, but eat 3,000 calories, probably will end up actually gaining weight.