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Certainly, but you will probably need a child-advocate and legal counsel. Try your yellow pages for legal aid or the runaway shelter. They will be able to steer you in the right direction concerning the laws for your state.

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What is a person who is physically addicted to and emotionally dependent on alcohol called?

That person would be called an alcoholic.

How does being a alcoholic affect other people?

It affects others not only physically but emotionally. It scars them for life to see the one they love destroying their life. For me I left emotional scars on my family because when I drank my will to live was no longer. They saw me in the worst of times when I was in the hospital and taken away. Please get help if you are a true alcoholic its definitely not worth it.

Can an alcoholic who is age 44 quit drinking and prolong his life expectancy?

"Better late than never!" You can prolong your life any many ways it you quit: it will help you physcologically, physically, emotionally, sprititually, socially, intellectually, and any other "ly" I can think of. Its worth it!

If a 15 year old who is employed has an alcoholic father and has been abused in the past as well as currently can emancipation be granted?

Emancipation rules vary from state to state. It isn't allowed in some places.

Was Drew Barrymore physically or physcologically dependent on drugs?

Yes she is an addict, alcoholic and was in rehab at 15.

How do you deal with the guilt of breaking up with your alcoholic boyfriend?

You don't. there should be no guilt. Especially if you've asked him before to quit. He knew exactly what he was doing. You don't need anyone who might hurt you. emotionally or physically. Instead, give yourself a pat on the back for having the courage to make the right decision.

Will alcohol affect you?

In every way take it from me I was an alcoholic abused it for 3 years and it physically and emotionally affected me. I have scars from hurting myself and I have to live with the fact that I hurt my family. Was sent to rehab. Not fun because you lose your freedom, it's like jail. You lose a lot of friends. It is not the way to live, I hated it!

How can you be like Roger from American Dad?

You can't considering Roger is an animated, alcoholic, drug addicted, homosexual alien.

Do alcoholic fathers affect the development of the fetal baby?

Not physically. It's the alcohol in the mother's blood that causes the damage.

Can parents sign off to be emancipated at 15 if the parents a drunk?

They can sign for emancipation if they are alcoholics, yes, but the states that have the option of emancipation requires the teen to be at least 16. Then it's up to the judge to decide and if you have fulfilled all the requirements. If a minor have a alcoholic parent and need help they will have to turn to the Children Protective Service. Emancipation is not the first choice.

Can you be emancipated from your alcoholic parents?

Emancipation is for the minor. Laws vary considerably from state to state. About half of them don't allow for emancipation at all, while others provide various options and requirements. And if you are having problems, contact the local social services. They can help you get to a safe home.

What do all inclusive packages for vacations NOT include?

That will depend all the inclusive packages that you are considering. Some inclusive packages for vacations do not include alcoholic beverages or food.

What is an alcoholic?

An alcoholic is someone that is addicted and craves alcoholic beverages.

What are the two kinds of alcoholic beverages?

alcoholic and non alcoholic

Would a judge grant you emancipation if your mother was an alcoholic and verbally abused you?

It depends on the state and the situation. If you are being abused, they will probably place you in foster care to keep you safe and properly taken care of.

Is Justin Bieber an alcoholic?

No, he is not an alcoholic.

Why tea is alcoholic?

Tea isn't alcoholic.

How do you tell your parents you are an alcoholic?

You say "I am an alcoholic."

What is a sentence using the word alcoholic?

I am an Alcoholic.

Is pit bull alcoholic?

He is not an alcoholic, but he does drink.

When was The Alcoholic created?

The Alcoholic was created in 2008.

How do you say alcoholic in German?

Depending on context, alcoholic can be transalated as:adjectivealkoholischan alcoholic drink = ein alkoholisches Getränkalkoholsüchtighes an alcoholic = er is alkoholsüchtigalkoholkrankhes an alcoholic = er is alkoholkranknounAlkoholikerhe's an alcoholic = er ist Alkoholiker (female form Alkoholikerin)Alkoholsüchtigerhe's an alcoholic = er is Alkoholsüchtiger (female form Alkoholsüchtige)Alkohol-alcoholic content = Alkoholgehaltalcoholic cirrhosis = Alkoholzirrhose

Who is most likely to become an alcoholic?

Answer One contributing factor is if you are a child of an alcoholic or a product of an alcoholic home. If this is the case, you have a higher tendency to become an alcoholic yourself.

How does fetal alcohol syndrome affect the baby physically?

What is the name of the physical disability when a child loses range of motion in there wrist, hand and leg due to alcoholic syndrome and is there therapy for this condition? Howard

If someone is in coma will they go through withdrawal if they are an alcoholic?

Yes - If they have had a volume of alcohol in their system for a time then the body can be physically dependent and physical withdrawal can occur - sweats, shakes, seizures, dt's etc.