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Q: Is fossil evidence used to support continental drift hypothesis?
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Whtat ways do the fossils help support the hypothesis of continental drift?

what ways do fossils hepl support the hypothesis of the continental drift?ANSWER: fossil plants like glossopteris.

Do fossils and rocks support the hypothesis of continental drift?

yes it does, one fossil plant that helped support the hypothesis of the conentental drift is glossopteris.

What evidence supports his hypothesis?

The evidence that supports wegeners hypothesis is the fossil evidence

How did fossil provide evidence for Continental drift?

It is any trace of an ancient organism that has been preserved in rock.Fossils provided evidence for continental drift by Wegener's hypothesis. Wegener studied land features, fossils, and evidence of climate change.

What are pieces of evidence that support the idea of Pangaea?

Continental Fit, Fossil Evidence and Sea floor Spreading. I just did this in science a month ago. :)

What are the three pieces of evidence that supports continental drift theory?

Climate fossil and fossil climate

What fossil plant helps support the continental drift?


Does fossil evidence support wegner's theory?


What fossil fern supported wegener's hypothesis of continental drift?

The fossils were of Glossopteris (extinct seed ferns).

Which of the following provided evidence at first for the hypothesis of continental drift and layer for the theory of plate tectonics?

indicators of climate change matching rock types matching fossil remains go do some study island....

What was the weakness of wegeners proposal of continental drift?

an absence of fossil evidence

Which one of following pieces of evidence did wegener usee to support his theory of continental drift?

The 100% correct answer is A similar fossil was found in Africa, South America, Australia, India, and Antarctica.