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Is free-range food healthy for you?

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Usually, yes.

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What is the population of FreeRange?

FreeRange's population is 10.

What is healthy junk food or healthy food?

an healthy food is a one which contains nutrients in it

Is it healthy to eat fruits (healthy food) in front of a screen?

No, it is not :,

What does healthy food and not healthy food have in common?

Both kinds of food are edible. Also healthy foods and non healthy foods contain many of the same ingredients but there are extra ingredients that are not good for humans in not healthy food.

How can kids stay healthy while their school food is unhealthy?

Bring healthy food, eat healthy food before and after school.

How healthy is fast food?

Fast food in general is not healthy. Some fast food restaurants can have healthy food such as fresh salad bars and fresh vegetables.

How can you get healthy food?

go to the department store and buy healthy food.

What is healthy food begin with a?

Apples are a healthy food. They begin with the letter a.

Is organic food healthy for you?

Yes, organically grown food it healthy for you.

Are healthy food always healthy?


What is Junk food slogans v's healthy food slogans?

we should eat healthy food

Which of the food groups are healthy?

All of the food groups contain healthy foods.

How do you stay healthy and why is it important?

By eating healthy food and not eating junk food

Why don't people like healthy food?

they don't know which food is healthy

What will a healthy plant produce?

healthy food

What contributes to a healthy diet?

healthy food

What food are treated as healthy food?

Healthy eating means consuming the right quantities of foods from all food groups in order to lead a healthy life.

What is protative food?

healthy food

Is healthy an adjective?

Yes, healthy is an adjective. Example: healthy food.

What are the similarities between fast and healthy foods?

Fast food usually has lots of fat in it but healthy food doesn't cuz its called HEALTHY. Buut sometimes healthy food can also make you fat.

What the meaning of healthy food?

Healthy food is food that helps you grow and the vitamins and other minerals in the food help your bones become strong.

What can you do to be healthy?

exsersize 2. eat healthy food

Were ancient Greeks food healthy?

yes it was healthy

Is oil a junk food or healthy food?

oil is a healthy food because it is taken of real nuts, vegetables and fruits.

What are opinions about healthy food?

Opinions about healthy food:Let's just say that I'm not too excited about their existence.One may like unhealthy food, but healthy food will make you live longer.Healthy food give you more energy and unhealthy foods can drag you down.