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Is glycogen a monomer?


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Glycogen is a polymer, not a monomer.


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Glycogen is a polymer of glucose (the monomer).

Glucose is the monomer.

The monomer for starch glycogen and cellulose is glucose.

The monomer that makes up glycogen starch and cellulose is the monasaccharide?

Starch Cellulose, Glycogen and Chitin Polysaccharides and for the monomer is sugar

glucose apha-1-4 and beta 2-6 linked

it will produce sucrose,a non reducing sugar.

Glucose - C6H12O6 is the monosaccharide (single sugar) comprising starch (in plants) and glycogen (in animals).

They contain the same monomer subunits but they are arranged differently.

Glycogen is made up of glucose monomers. These monomers are combine in alpha-1,4 linkages with alpha 1,6 linkages used to create branches. Glycogen also has a small protein component that is used to initiate the glycogen polymer called glyocgenin.

Starch and Glycogen is a polymer made up of glucose monomers. When you think of Starch, think of potatoes. When you think of Glycogen, think of your energy storage (it's actually a secondary storage)

The glycogen is polymer of glucose. So glucose is monomer of glycogen. You get one molecule of glucose and one molecule of fructose from one molecule of cane sugar. So when one molecule of glucose will combine with one molecule of fructose, you will get one molecule of cane sugar.

Through condensation reactions. Glycogen is a polysaccharide. This means it is the polymer of many monosaccharides. The monomer of Glycogen is Glucose. Glucose, through condensation reactions in which water is released, joins to form the branched structure of Glycogen. This feature is beneficial in animals as it is easy to break off the individual glucose for energy through enzymes but also because polysaccharides are insoluble while monosaccharides are.

No, it is a poly-saccharide ... of glucose - so is glycogen. Both glycogen and cellulose are polymers of the monomer Glucose - the two different ways that the two are chemically bonded [both in a chain] together account for the difference. Steroids are but a group of the corticosteroids - hormones, all of them.

Nucleotide is the monomer. Nucleotide is the monomer of Nucleic Acids.

there is no such thing as dipeptide monomer but there is either monomer or dipeptide.

A nucleotide IS a monomer.

it is a monomer of nucleosides

A triglyceride is not a monomer.

A monomer is a molecule that can bond to other monomer molecules to form polymers.

Yes a molecule is a monomer because I believe a monomer is a molecule of a polymer

A monomer is not a sugar, the meaning is other.But glucose is monomer for polysaccharides.

In case of proteins, the monomer is amino acid. In case of carbohydrates, the monomer is an aldose or ketose. In case of fats, the monomer is fatty acid. In case of nucleic acids, the monomer is a nucleotide.

the monomer is the base of the carbohydrate

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