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Is gold a good investment or will the price of it go down?


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Well, yellow gold is not a good investment now; yes; the price has gone down and will go down more soon; because there is another Precious Metal in popularity today, in control of the market prices today. Now People know that is New Classic pure solid color white gold formula alloy's is better quality in durability; and this white gold is life time guaranty; now the 1920's the pure solid color white gold formula alloys come Back today. People know they do not need yellow gold to make white gold... Wake up ! Yes another good investment is Jade; the value is more value that yellow gold; is better to investment in Jade $3000 dollar's per ounce depending of the quality's and the American Dollar's is going up; because the American Community is united, working together in services. For more information Call 1-626-434- 5225 or see website Living Life Enterprises Presents.wix in Google! Sincerely... C.U.I. Inc. General Imports & Exports in Business from 1982. U.S.A. P.R. Companies...