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Is goldfish a fish?

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Yes,they are.
A Goldfish is taxonomically accepted as a species of fish. However a Gold Fish (Fish of Gold) is not a living creature at all since it is an inanimate object made of metal.

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What fish can eat goldfish?

Any fish bigger than a goldfish can eat a goldfish.

Is a goldfish a bony fish or a jaw-less fish?

A goldfish is a bony fish.

What is the differences from a goldfish and a feeder fish?

a goldfish is a feeder fish. I kind of disagree with the answer above. Yes, goldfish CAN be feeder fish, but they aren't necessarily feeder fish. Feeder fish are really fish that are rather small and are fed to other animals, and that are for some reason thought as not being as precious as other "pet" fish. So a feeder fish and a pet fish are two different kinds of fish, really. Not all goldfish are feeder fish. There are expensive goldfish, more than 10 dollars per fish! Then there are those goldfish breeded to be eaten that are sold as 75 cents per fish. So there are "pet" goldfish and "feeder" goldfish. So, a goldfish is not necessarily a feeder fish.

Can zebra fish live with goldfish?

No, it is not a good idea to have zebra fish living with goldfish. The zebra fish is a predatory fish and will end up attacking and eating the goldfish.

Is goldfish a crutacean?

No, a goldfish is classified as a fish.

What do goldfish eat besides fish food?

Larger goldfish will eat "feeder" fish. These are small fish.

Can Siamese fighting fish survive with goldfish in an aquarium?

NO. Goldfish are coldwater fish and the fighting fish are tropical.

What type of animal is a goldfish?

A goldfish is a fish, a member of the carp family. Carp fish are freshwater fish.

What does it mean when a goldfish is silver?

Nothing. A goldfish is a goldfish, not a gold fish.

Why are goldfish called goldfish?

They are called goldfish because they are gold and there fish.

Can you keep goldfish with tropical fish?

No, goldfish and tropical fish have different needs with the primary difference being water temperature. Goldfish and tropical fish are not compatible.

Can goldfish and molly fish live together?

Goldfish are best with goldfish. A molly and a goldfish have very different needs including the fact that a molly is a tropical fish

Do sucker fish eat or attack goldfish?

Yes they do, I had two sucker fish in my tank with my goldfish and they would attach on the sides of my goldfish and start eating them. Your not supposed to have sucker fish with your goldfish. As I have found out for myself.

What breeds of fish do goldfish work well with?

Other goldfish and clown fish in particular.

Can you put one betta fish with one goldfish?

Betta fish are best as a solitary fish and are not compatible with goldfish.

Can you crossbreed fish?

yes you can goldfish can be crossed with any other different breed of goldfish and moquito fish can cross breed with a common goldfish if you have the right fish together

Will a betta fish kill a goldfish?

i have a fantailed goldfish and a male beta fish in the same tank. and not yet has the beta killed the goldfish.

When you start with fish do you have to start with goldfish?

You do not have to start training fish with a goldfish. Any fish will do but most people start with goldfish because they are cheap. All fish will learn the tricks but other fish are usually easier to learn about the tricks because goldfish have very short memory's.

What is a good pet fish?

Common goldfish or goldfish.

Is a goldfish an endothermic or ectothermic fish?

A goldfish is ectothermic.

Does the ocean have goldfish?

No. True "goldfish" are freshwater fish.

What kind of animal is a goldfish?

A goldfish is a type of fish.

Can you put a dragon fish in with a goldfish?

Goldfish are best with goldfish with a few exceptions. Dragon fish are saltwater while goldfish are freshwater, thus their needs are vastly different

Should goldfish be kept with other fish?

depends on the kind of fish ;; the fish kept with your goldfish shouldn't not be likely to eat goldfish ;; you can keep female beta fish with other fish just not males becuase they are preditorial

What is the difference between goldfish and fish in the sea?

Goldfish are freshwater pond fish, fish in the sea live in salt water.

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