Is having a hairy butt an off thing?

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Not to a caveman.
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Why aren't baboon butts hairy?

because they sit on it all day and if they did have hair on their butts we wouldn't be able to laugh at them and insult

Do men have hairy butts?

Some do, it's basically pubic hair. We get a anus and hairy bum cheeks but not everyone does. Not trying to be gross but I have a bit of hair around my anus and it doesn't make any difference, it's nice to touch as well :)

Burning off butt fat?

lol Well I know a few things about this because I am very interseted in fitness, so I do a lot of research on these types of things. The most important thing I've learned is to just burn fat.. you need to do cardio. Try to do up to 30-45 minutes of good cardio a day (you know the ones that make you ( Full Answer )

Why are you hairy?

if you think of where the pubic hair is... u'll notice its right there on top of the clitoris. so when 2 ppl have sex and they have their pubic hair unshaved, it rubbs together, and pleasures the woman by stimulating her clitoris. the reason some ppl SHAVE it off or wax it or w/e, is because they ( Full Answer )

How can you get hair off your butt?

Shaving, Waxing generally or You can get laser treatment to permanently remove it if that's a more viable option.

Should you shave the hair off your butt?

Well, there'no must in personal grooming, first. Second, you probably don't need to, if you are a girl, cos' that hair is very fine and vellus. Even those who shave their up to their hips are, most of the time likely to stop shaving just below their buttock line.

Is having a hairy vagina normal?

I should think its normal, but for models no! They need to prefect! completely hairless on their flairless bodies. So I wouldn't put too much thought into it. Another important thing on this, its how you think of yourself do you want it or not want it. You can get bikini waxes! It's up to you. Wha ( Full Answer )

What is wrong if a wriggling thing came out your butt?

Tapeworm. You will notice if you have a tapeworm because you will suffer from malnutrition, and every time you defecate you will see segments of the tapeworm in your stool. Also while you sleep the tapeworm may slither out of your anus and go into your vagina, or it may try to eat your testicles. ( Full Answer )

How do you take the poo off a chicks butt?

A warm damp washing cloth can be applied to the chicks bottom to loosen the manure. This is a common condition in new chicks. Allowing them to free feed on chick grit may help them to digest the food better and avoid pasty butt.

What is the best thing for hairy legs?

Nair is the best thing. just leave it on for 5 -6 minutes. the rise it.but dont rub it in. dont leave nair in over 10 minutes

Why do guinea pigs have hairy butts?

Guinea Pigs have hairy bottoms because God made them that way and because it would be very cold down there if they did not have the hair. That's why we wear pants so that won't happen with us. Take care and God Bless!

Is a girl's butt supposed to be hairy?

It depends, if they have a lot of hair in their private spot, you know, where their underwear is than maybe. But most likely no.

Do women have hairy butts?

Yes, most do. Well, in between the cheeks anyway. They are, after all, human. .

What are the things on a chimp's butt?

Ischial, try to work that into a conversation. There is an even better example than chimps provide at the link.

Is it bad to put things in your butt?

according to Harvard studies, by Dr. CJ Walling, it has been proven that anal sex relieves stress as well as improve mensuration cycles, simultaneously improving constipation. It is highly recommended for the use of natural objects, however when necessary, hard metal materials such as silverware sha ( Full Answer )

Is it safe to shove things deep in your butt?

Is it safe, depends on what it is. Should you, well arousal can be reached in many different ways, so that's up to you. You just be sure that it is something you can get back out. unlike in a vagina, there is nothing stopping the object from getting "lost" inside you, so make sure it has a wide ba ( Full Answer )

What is the butt made out off?

Mostly muscle: the gluteus maximus, medius and minimus as well as some others. And then of course the skin.

If you like things in your butt are you gay?

Not necessarily. A great many straight people find anal stimulation sexy. You are gay if and only if all or most of your sexual fantasies and contacts are with others of the same sex.

What does having a butt chin mean?

Obviously, it is a chin that looks like a butt. it also means thatthe jaw is slightly longer than the other side, this happendsdurning fetal develepment or during growth period. But forindividuals it happends later on in life. In Persian litruture, thechin dimple is considered a factor of beauty, an ( Full Answer )

Does having intercourse up the butt make your butt bigger?

It will stretch your anal in order to fit the penis making it bigger temporarily. After some time, it will heal and return to it's normal size, although deformation can occur as a result of stretch and tear.

Is a hairy vagina a good thing?

You can do whatever you want. If the guy has a problem, either with a huge beautiful bush or the bald, pre-pubescent looking version, he's more concerned about things than caring about you. This is a guy speaking. I love totally unshaven vagina, and there isn't anything that can turn me on more. Gro ( Full Answer )

Why do girls like to show off their butt?

It's very daring to assume "girls" like showing off their butt. Some do, others don't (I'd think the majority doesn't). If they do, it's probably because they like the attention they get from it.

Why do people put things up their butts?

Alot of people like to have things inserted into there butts for usually 2 reasons. Either 1 its because i lot of people find it more plessurable in the butt. This may sound untrue or painfull but usaully when lets say a female does anal it hurt for a few seconds depending on experince and then turn ( Full Answer )

What is the name of hairy thing in the Addams family?

The short, hairy character from the Addams Family universe is knownas Cousin Itt. Unlike many characters in the Addams Family world,Cousin Itt was not created by original cartoonist Charles Addams.Cousin Itt made his appearance in the 1960's television show andhas been a reoccurring character ever s ( Full Answer )

How do I clean poop off my dog's butt?

My dog is small enough to put in the bathroom sink, so I just rinse him off. Sometimes I have to use a little bit of his shampoo. Some people buy doggie wet wipes and wipe their dog clean. Others use a wash towel or toilet paper. Enjoy your dog! :)

Are there such thing as butt boogers?

Yes, there are. If you are experiencing excess butt boogers, always be sure to blow your butt with a soft tissue, then dispose of it in the trash. Never use your fingers or other objects to pick your butt, you could end up with a buttbleed. If you know someone who is a compulsive buttpicker, have ( Full Answer )

Why girls having hairy vagina?

Maybe there afraid to shave it. They might not want a naked pussy! There's nothing wrong with it! It's natural! Some guys like it!

Is having a hairy butt unattractive if your gay?

Not if you like them hairy. Like many other things in society, both straight and gay the perceived ideal is something advertising has made people believe is the right thing. It just isn't true. Just as most gays are not limp wrist, lisping, drag queens, they are also not smooth, blonde and blue eyed ( Full Answer )

Do women like to butt crush things?

I know my wife likes to she crushes anything she thinks she can flatten boxes,milk jugs ,full trash cans pretty much anything.I have seen other women crush things and i can tell they enjoyed it because they were giggling and laughing.

Are butt facials the new thing?

Yes, butt facials are totally the new thing. they have quickly become part of my rouitine. Twice a week with various products from the drug store including scrubs, soaps, lotions, exfoliates, clay masks, peel masks, and a loofah.

Is having a big butt a good thing?

Depends on how you look at it. If you like having a big butt then it's a good thing and if you don't then...

Do women like having hairy vaginae?

It is usual that most western women maintain hairy vagina. However, non hairy vagina is more attractive sexually and from health point of view.