Is having a male friend outside of a marriage considered infidelity?

Men and women can be friends with other people of the opposite sex whether they are married ir not. Friendship is not lust, sex or being in love with someone so it's not infidelity. I would wonder why your partner feel that way. Maybe he/she has no friends of his/hers own. I would never ever give up my friends for a relationship.


infidelity is DISLOYALTY

YES, if you are spending more time with your male friend.

No, if you are giving more regard to your spouse than your friend.

fyi... my mother is very friendly, she has many friends most of them are males...her reason, women are more on gossiping, men are more on fun, jokes, etc....


She loves my father very much, she treats my father as a KIng and best Friend... and sometimes when I want to talk to her she's mostly having a chat with dad... sometimes, i'm jealous, but I wanted to be like her, and I would be.... I hope you are tooo......