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Is hbro3 a salt?


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HBrO3 is not a salt; it is an acid.


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HBrO3 is the formula. The name is bromic acid.

HBrO3 is an acid. Bromic acid to be specific.

Mg(BrO3)2 is magnesium bromate. Yes, it is a salt, but when hydolyzed in water, it will have a pH that is slightly basic. Why? Because it is formed from the reaction of a strong base, Mg(OH)2 and a somewhat weak acid HBrO3. Thus, a solution of this salt will have a pH >7

No, HBrO3 contains only hydrogen, bromine, and oxygen. In order to be organic it must contain carbon (C).

Yes. It is bromic acid.

HBrO3 only exists in solution, but is a strong acid so it's completely dissociated into H+(aq) and BrO3-(aq).

Strong acids: H2SO4 HClO4 HBr HCl HNO3 HI as long as it is none of these it is not. HBrO3 is not, so it is a weak acid

KBrO3 is potassium bromate which is made from KOH (potassium hydroxide) and bromic acid (HBrO3). The salt will have an alkaline (basic) pH >7 when dissolved in water.

That is the formula. The name of it is Bromic Acid

HBrO3 Please see the link.

it is a strong acid

Anions are the negative charged ions. HBrO3 is made of H+ and BrO3^-1 ions. The anion is BrO3^-1. the nane of it is Bromate ion.

The chemical formula for bromic acid is HBrO3.

HBrO3 in dilute solution is called 'Bromic acid' , a strong acid and powerfull oxidising solution Hydrogen bromate in pure state is not stable. [B.t.w. me don't understand 'ternary' in this special case]

HBrO4 is called perbromic acid.HBrO3 is bromic acidHBrO2 is bromous acidHBrO is hypobromic acid

Plain salt would mean ordinary table salt, as opposed to flavored salt . There are onion salt, garlic salt, seasoned salt, smoked salt , celery salt, etc. -- none of these would be plain salt.

No, kosher salt is identical to table salt. Grey salt is moist, unrefined sea salt.

there are three types of salt, they are 1) Acidic salt: the salt which is acidic in nature is called acidic salt. 2) Basic salt: the salt which is basic in nature is called basic salt. 3) neutral salt: the salt which is neutral is called neutral salt.

Table salt is finely ground salt. You can get it from rock salt by grinding the rock salt.

Table salt is a sodium salt Epsom salt is a magnesium salt

salt is classified as follows:- unrefined saltrefined salt iodised salt

Salt water is a solution of salt, containing of course salt.

No. salt water is salt water. it already has salt in it

Salt. Nothing else added. Salt is a crystal and rock salt is salt that is not made into a fine grained salt.

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