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sometimes... it can be but normally its sold in a tub like they are normally packaged the sma way as pasta sauces.

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Does hummus need refrigeration before opening?

Yes, generally hummus is sold as a fresh food.

Who is commander Corey?


Who eats hummus?

the people that like hummus

Why do you have a reactions to gluten free hummus?

Those who have reactions to hummus means that they are allergic to the ingredients in the hummus.

What taste nice with hummus?

I find that sesame crackers go well with hummus. I also enjoy red and green peppers with hummus on them. Celery and hummus is not bad either. I have put hummus on hard boiled eggs and even on an apple . So experiment and enjoy the awesomeness that hummus is!

How much hummus is in soil?

a great amount of hummus

What does a hummus look like?

what does hummus look like

What nationality is hummus?

Hummus originated in the Middle East.

Can you eat hummus if you have diarrhea?

You should not eat hummus if you are suffering from diarrhea. Hummus contains chick pea's, which are known to cause loose bowels.

What is a hummus serving size?

2 tablespoons. (Source: Tribe brand hummus)

What is the Shelf life of hummus?

Fresh homemade hummus made with the proper amount of lemon juice (a natural preservative) will last about a week in the refrigerator, and a couple of months in the freezer. Although, freezing it will often change the consistency of the hummus. Sometimes, when it is thawed in the refrigerator, it can come out a little too dry. Adding some more olive oil can alieviate this somewhat. For the shelf life of hummus sold in store, you can contact the maker and ask them.

What does hummus look like?

Google search hummus image

Is hummus high in carbohydrates?

2 tablespoons of hummus has about 5 carbs.

Is hummus from India?

Hummus was originally Greek, but it is very common in India.

How many carbs are in hummus?

Two tablespoons of hummus has 3g of carbs.

Does hummus contain yeast?

No, traditional hummus recipes do not contain yeasts.

Can you make hummus without cooking the chickpeas?

No, the whole point of Hummus is that you cook the chickpeas in order to make them smooth and spreadable like hummus.

What country does hummus come from?

Hummus is common throughout the eastern Mediterranean countries.

Is hummus a kosher food?

There are both kosher and non-kosher brands of hummus.

If mold is on hummus should it be thrown out?

Yes. throw it out. Mold is not a normal part of hummus.

Do earthworms do the most work in making hummus?

No, hummus is made in your food processor or blender.

How many calories are in one serving of hummus?

There are 27 calories in one tablespoon of hummus.

Is hummus a fruit or vegetable?

The main ingredient in hummus is crushed chickpeas. Chickpeas are classified as a vegetable

How many calories in one cup of hummus?

It would depend on the ingredients. Not all Hummus are the same.

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