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Is hydrogen needed in plant growth?

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Yes, it is required during photosynthesis to produce glucose

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Minerals are the chemical ions that are needed for healthy plant growth.

Yes. Instead of killing a plant it will stimulate growth because of the Hydrogen in the coffee.

Yes, Vitamin D does affect plant growth. This vitamin is essential to plant growth since it is obtained from sunlight and needed for healthy growth.

potassium is a good plant fertiliser, basically its essential!

oxygen, carbon, and hydrogen

nitrogen is needed for all plant growth

The kind of growth that describes plant growth throughout the life of the the plant is Indeterminate growth.

three primary nutrients which plant need for their growth are : 1.NITROGEN (N) 2.PHOSPHORUS (P) 3.POTTASIUM (K)

Nitrogen, phosphorus and potash (N, P, K)

Nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium are what's in plant fertilizer. They're the three most abundant and most important of the nutrients that plants need. Specifically, nitrogen is needed for above ground growth, as shoots. Phosphorus is needed for below ground growth, as roots. Potassium is needed for proper budding, flowering and fruiting.

Water is needed for photosynthesis to produce the carbohydrates necessary for plant growth and create the stored fuel created during the process.

It increase plant growth.

Yes photsynthesis has something to do with plant growth. This is because photosynthesis basically is plant growth.

tissue plant growth is the growth of small organism plant and it is used by growing it in a test tube

water, air, sunlight, nutrients such as nitrogen phosphorus and potash and several others

Nitrogen is needed for good plant growth and helps them make proteins.

the kind of growth is refered to as the indeterminate growth type.

It slows down the growth of the plant.

what is the importance of diffusion to the growth of the plant?

to growth the plant and essential for seed growth

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