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  • Eye contact is a good sign. However, crossed arms usually are a bad sign of body language. Often it means that the person is closed off to you and perhaps hiding something.
  • If you mean 'intense' as in 'glaring', that is definitely a bad sign.
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The pretzel is itself a metaphor for prayer, shaped to represent arms crossed in prayer, and baked without fat, eggs, or milk to be eaten during the Lenten fast.

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What is a good face to make while doing ballet?

make eye contact, and you can either keep a straight but friendly face (smile with your eyes) or have a look of intense concentration. Enjoy your dancing!

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Why do Siamese cats have crossed eyes?

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How did girls of the 1930s act?

sat tall with good posture and crossed their legs

What is a good sentence with aeroplane?

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Is egan's soler theory effective?

yes it is effective. if you think about it it is common sense really. S: face squarely. you have to face someone inorder to havre effective communication. if you are looking aways you can really make contact with the person O: keep an open posturee. if you sit there with legs and arms crossed you are sending the massage that you dont want to communicate. keeping a poosture that shows that you are ready to communicate, for example sittig staight with uncorssed arms is the best posture to show that you are interested. L: lean E: use good eye cobtact

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Is it true that shy women will fold their arms more when talking even while making excellent eye contact and showing an interest?

No, there is absolutely no proof that quieter or large or small breasted women will fold their arms when talking. Many people will fold their arms while talking (including men) and according to so-called body language experts this exudes a message to the person they are talking too that the folder of the arms is distant and standing firm on whatever they are talking about or if they are making deals. Folded arms are making a point. I just believe people fold their arms because they have to do something with their hands and that's more comfortable. Don't read so much into this gibberish. If the person is making eye contact and seems interested then those are good signs and forget the folding of the arms.

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