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Is is easy to replace the oil pan gasket on a 1997 Toyota Camry or should you have a shop do this?


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Unless you have a lift [low ground clearance] you would be better off letting a shop do this.


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It should about 1 hour of labor (~$70) + plus gasket (~$10-25).

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The average cost to replace a head gasket on the 1992 Toyota Camry varies slightly with the area where you are located. The replacement can cost as little as 700 dollars and as much as 1300 dollars.

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You are looking at bill of 1-3K depending on damage.

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I needed to change the oil pan on my Camry and couldn't get a gasket at any of the local dsicount shops. I called the nearest Toyota dealer and the service guy told me that he doesn't replace the gasket. Instead he uses RTV silicon, I did the same and haven't had a problem.

4 cylinder: half of hour of work (~$30-40) + the gasket (~$20-30).

You need to remove the head cylinder and replace the gasket. You will need at least to get a good manual if you want to do it on your own.

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You need to check the transmission gasket between the transmission pan and the body. If it's leaking you have to replace it.

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