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If you are on ice or if you press on the gas hard then that is normal.

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What is the trac button for?

it turns your traction control system on or off. if you have the system on the tires will slow automatically if they begin to slip and when you get traction again the tires will engage fully, when it is off you press the gas pedal and the tires will spin freely without slowing to get traction. if you are a drifter you want trac off

What does the slip indicator light mean on a 2003 Lexus SC430?

In general, if you see this light come on while driving a car with traction control, it means that the system has detected a loss of traction on one or more wheels. The traction control system will engage to correct it. Usually it only lights up briefly. If that light stays on all the time, there's something wrong with the sensor or the electrical connection to the light.

Why does the allwheel drives engage on a 2003 escalade when not need it to?

you may be losing traction. or u may have a sensor going out

What if your asr light comes on and the car boggs down 1993 e400 mercedes?

ASR is like just as the same as traction control on American cars, if one of the wheels lose traction on the road and spin more than the others the ASR will engage and electronically apply the brakes on that wheel, if it happens on 2 wheels it will apply the brakes to both wheels and slow the engine down.

How do you know when the clutch goes?

When you engage the clutch and the engine sits there spinning: it get's no traction OR when there is no pressure on the clutch pedal: pressing it changes nothing.

How do you engage the ac compressor to add freon on a 1990 Buick Riviera?

there is a high pressure switch on the line or the accumalator, unplug it and place a jumper wire into the connector

How do you disengage the skid and seat belt light on dash on a 2006 dodge charger.?

The only way to get those lights to turn off on the dashboard is to re-engage your traction control and buckle your seat belt - there isn't a way to get just those two lights to not illuminate on your dashboard.

Why did Rome engage Carthage in the Punic Wars?

Rivalry for control of the Western Mediterranean.

Cruise control won't engage?

If the cruise control will not engage, there might be a problem with the Electronic Fuel Injector or the MAP Sensor. There might also be a problem with the Oxygen Sensor. Some autos have more than one oxygen sensor.

When driving my truck will engage the throttle all on its own?

un hook the cruise control

How do you do a burnout in a 2002 grand prix gt?

If the car has traction control you must disengage it first, then if you are doing a stand still burnout engage the parking brake provided that they work. If you are doing this from a traffic light and plan to proceed down the road disengage the t/c and then hope that your car has enough juice to spin the tires

What does a yellow warning light on your 2003 Honda accord mean?

If the yellow light is a triangle with an exclamation point in it, it means you traction control is either working at that instant, or shut off. You probably just bumped the button which is located to the left of the steering wheel. Push it again and the light will shut off, and the system will again engage when it is supposed to.

How do you know if you have a Bad hub on a 2001 deville?

your car will brake when you turn and you stabillity control system will engage.

What safety precautions do Boy Scouts do for crowd and traffic control?

Boy Scouts do not engage in operations that would require either types of control. They are not a police force.

How does Toyota Highlander 2008 AWD system works?

A very short/simple explanation is: the Highlander is in front wheel drive until the computer sensor on the drive train senses that the front drive wheels are slipping (no traction) - the vhicle computer then sends a command to the transmission to engage the rear wheel drive axles - which then engage.

What happens if you forget to take birth control?

Not much so long as you don't engage in any sexual intercourse.

Can you recall types of scientific inquiry that biologists engage an that cannot be completely controlled?

They cannot control their countless variables.

Why would fwd not engage on a 1988 Blazer?

check vaccuum lines on cruise control and other things that use vac

Why did European countries engage in imperialism?

Countries wanted to control the natural resources and trading rights of African and Asian countries.

Why did nations engage in imperialism?

European countries wanted to control the natural resources and trading rights of African and Asian countries.

What is the abbreviation for engage?


What are the buttons on the steering wheel for on the 2000 mercury cougar coupe?

if its the same as mine, the on and off are on the left, and the = + - are on the right. they are for your cruise control. on turns it on, =sets the speed, and + makes the cruise control engage.

The cruise control on a 2000 Elantra is not engaging does it need to be replaced?

Did you just turn it on from the dash or turn it on and then attempt to engage it with the wiper stick?

1993 Nissan sentra cruise control switch goes on but will not engage?

Check the vacuum hose that feeds into the cruise module in the engine.

Why will the cruise control on a 2004 Hyundai Tiburon not engage at any speed?

Because you have to at least be at 25 mph or 30 km/h