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It's okay to say, "If you won the lottery, you could buy a car."

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Where can you buy the game okey?

You can find genuine okey sets at also at

Which is more natural to say that If I won the lottery I would could buy a car or If I won the lottery I could buy a car?

Either "I would buy" or "I could buy" is correct, but their meaning is slightly different. "I would buy" is more definite; the speaker clearly wants a car. "I could buy" is less definite that the speaker would actually buy a car or something else; the speaker is merely indicating the ability to afford the car, not the desire to have one.

How old do you have to be to buy a lottery ticket in England?

You have to be at least 16 to legally buy a lottery ticket.

How do you buy okey games?

Well that is easy look the rating of the game didiy.

How do you win in the lottery ticket?

you buy all of the lottery tickets in the world

What are good subtopics for you won the lottery?

The chances of winning and what you would buy and do, how u could change lives

Where do you buy fake lottery tickets?

you can buy it online

What can you buy with 300?

I am assuming you mean three hundred dollars. What do you want to buy? You could buy clothing, but depending on what store you go to three hundred dollars might only buy you two pairs of jeans and a shirt. You could buy two carts of groceries, or fifteen $20 lottery tickets from the Pennsylvania Lottery. It all depends on what you want. That is a decent amount of money to blow.

Should you buy a motorcycle?

only if you think you can handle one, and are okey with the risks that it involves.

How can you win the million dollar Florida Lottery?

You would need to buy lottery tickets and hope. Theoretically, you could buy lottery tickets with every possible combination to guarantee that you win, but that would be very expensive and time-consuming. In addition, you might have to share the jackpot with other people who chose the winning combination.

How do you get the lottery items in Mafia Wars?

if you buy or get a lottery ticket and wins with 2 number

How do you play the lottery in Georgia usa?

You can buy a lottery ticket at your average grocery store.

Does the state of Illinois have a lottery?

Yes, you can buy a lottery by using https:// lottoglob .com/ these site

When will I hit the lottery?

Lottery drawings are entirely random and unpredictable. However, if you could purchase lottery tickets for EVERY SINGLE COMBINATION of numbers, you could "buy" the lottery. This has actually been done, at least once. This takes good planning, a lot of people, and a LOT of money. If nobody else has the winning number, you can actually come out ahead, but if you split the jackpot with somebody else, you'll lose money even though you WON THE LOTTERY!!!

What can you do if you won the lottery?

Buy stuff :d

Can you buy lottery tickets online?


Where does the lottery money come from?

The lottery money comes from all the people who buy tickets to enter the game

What is Minnesota's MSL?

MSL could stand for many things. One of the meanings is Minnesota State Lottery. It is a lottery, where you buy a ticket and hope you win some money. See related links for more information.

What is the age restriction to buy lottery in UK?

As long as you are 16 years old or over and are eligible to play under the Rules, you can buy National Lottery tickets.

Where does lottery money come from?

The suckers who buy the tickets.

What do 100 percent of lottery winners do?

Buy a ticket!!

How do you win the Montana Cash lottery?

buy a ticket!

Is it smart to buy the whole roll of lottery tickets?


Can you buy lottery tickets with a debit card?


How old do you have to be in NJ to buy lottery tickets?