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Is it a good idea to buy a 95 integra ls 4 door with 140k with a broken ac for 2400 it also need to have its body kit paited how much should you expect to pay to fix the ac?

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September 13, 2011 2:28AM

Don't buy any car with a body kit. Some stupid ricer probably thought it was fast and beat it to death. There's also no telling what kind of electrical gremlins are there due to horrible and dangerous stereo installs, neon light installs, or other such crap.

Avoid modded cars like the plague... trust me, I watch a friend's burn to the ground one day that he bought from someone who had installed some neons in the dash and din't fuse any of his power wires. He ended up fitting the bill for the car, his insurance went up, and he got a bill from the fire department because they had to come put the car out.

Buy a car that's stock and mod it yourself. If you don't know what you're doing, take it to someone who does and is a professional who can offer a warranty or a friend that you don't mind sueing when your car catches on fire.


Agreed....ricers are stupid. And unless you know how to rewire a vehicle or at least trust trust the salesman, you're lookin at a future competitor for junkyard wars and selling the "good" parts to a guy like me!!


You guys are stupid...and very stereotypical. Not everyone who has a bodykit on their car is "inexperienced" or capable of burning a car to the ground. You've just had the pleasure of surrounding yourself with stupid people. Good Job! My advice...inspect the car carefully. There may be things you like and things you don't and yes..safety is an issue so check those components too. If it's of value to you then I say it's worth it. Not to mention those cars are fast as hell :)


for 2500 that's a decent deal, even though it needs ac and paintjob, learn how to do paint yourself, and you can spend about 200 bucks (includingsprayer) and get a manufacturer looking finish.

and for ac, figure out whats wrong with it, and go to an auto wrecker, if you only need the dashboard controls, that's easy to obtain.

140 k is excellent as well, that's just under 10 k a year, which is average driving. i have a 90 with 230 k on it just over 10 k a year, excellent shape.

these cars last, and for 2400, you can have yourself a good 5-10 year car on your hands