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Well if you're good friends then that might explain why he wants to move closer to you. Just because he moves closer to you doesn't mean he wants to move forward in your relationship. And if he does, there's not much you can do about it anyways. Well, it shows he has an interest in moving but if he's a grown man he should be doing this on his own. There are ad's on the computer and there are also real estate agents in his state that can find a place for him and do all the foot work. Send him the latest of at least three newspapers real estate section and leave the rest up to him. If he's really interested he will make the phone calls and come to your area to check them out for himself.

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What is it called when you watch two of your friends make out?

I doubt it has a name to it because it's certainly not classified as sex.

What is the rating for Pokemon HeartGold?

considering my friends, five stars

In 1954 after he had helped develop the atomic bomb j Robert opppenheimer was investigated and denied future access to classified information because?

The reason Oppenheimer was investigated and denied future access to classified information was because he had friends and family who were into the communist party. He also disagreed with President Truman when it came to building more powerful bombs.

Should I give my crush my telephone number if we are barely friends considering we hardly know each other?

No, you probably shouldn't considering he could be anyone.

Are Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy friends in real life?

Considering that Harry Potter and Draco Malfoy are fictional characters from a book, no, they are not friends, because they do not exist. However, the actors who play them in the movies do get along well outside of the movies.

Was Jesus and Herod friends?

Considering, that Herod is the evil King who wanted Baby Jesus killed, it is then unlikely that they could have been friends.

Are most of your friends back-stabbers?

Not all people are like that. Don't let one person that is like that ruin it for the loyal friends you may have however, be more cautious to whom you befriend.

Jason is six year old what will most likely to characterized how he feels about friendship?

He would probably make friends very easily but he got in a fight he would probably be cautious about friends for a while.

What does it means when your friends dreams that you are getting married?

It means that your friends are considering some sort of binding contract for themselves. Your friends' dreams are about your friends, not about you. In their dreams, your image is a symbol representing some part of themselves.

What relationship did Zeus have with friends?

well, none, considering hes nothing more than a myth.

What steert does Nicki minaj live?

That is classified info that only her and her family&friends would know. Plus celebrities go from house to house because they have concerts all over the world.

How do you get your girl friends and their moms to step on you barefoot?

You can only ask. Considering this is a fetish for you and sexual you should expect some rejections though. friends are friends and don't usually want to be a part of having sex with their friends. That is a different thing.

Vincent van gogh impressionism?

He is classified as a Post-Impressionist. He was friends with some of the French Impressionists.

Is Chelsea Staub friends with Frankie Jonas?

Probably not considering that Frankie is about 8 and Chelsea is at least 16!

Who is kesha's friend?

Kesha would most likely have many MANY friends, considering she is a pop star.

How is Selena Gomez and Nick Jonas relationship been going?

it been going great considering there just friends

Was Selena Gomez famous when she was little?

Well, she played as one of the children on Barney&Friends, considering that famous is an opinion.

Why do your friends treat you like trash?

Because You Are Friends:)

Why are your friends friends with you?

Because it makes them feel good to be with you.

What do friends do to you?

Friends are people you can trust and rely on to tell all your problems,worries to and knowing they wont spread it or tell anyone else.But just know who your actual friends are before considering telling them personal stuff as friends are the people who are always their for you and there can people who are there to use you in many ways

What do atheistic think about friends?

We have and love our friends like anyone else.

What type of printer is recommended for 500 employees?

considering the types of printers i will want friends out there to help me deside on the most suitable type of printer for 500 employees considering quality, speed, models and prices as at November 2008

Why don't I have friends?

you don't have friends because you're asking the internet why you don't have friends

Do your friends affect your participation in sport?

No, because they are you're friends and you should play with your friends.

Why are your best friends annoying?

Because that is how it is. Friends fight friends hate but friends are friends. And there is one point in life that your friends are annoying but they're really there for you......

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