Is it abuse if your wife who is not being abused re-visits police giving them the impression you are continually threatening her because of a one-time incident that occured at least 4-5 years earlier?

Maybe to her, any anger is threatening and she is letting you know that she won't put up with it. If you don't like her acting like that, leave. Get a divorce and start over. If she FEELS threatened, she's entitled to ask for police assistance. If you've been physically abusive, even once, she has a right to feel threatened.


On the other hand, if your wife is doing this in order to bully and manipulate you and make you feel bad and threatened then it IS abuse. Restraining orders and so on shouldn't be misused to exercise power over a husband. Your wife isn't entitled to keep on and on 'punishing' you by panicking without cause.

Both the answers above are STUPID.I f she was REALLY going and telling the police you were abusing her you'd be in the pokey.She is abusing you by doing this.She is playing the cards so you will do everything she says do and if she is not pleased she will get even with you CONTROL FREAK she is.Get away from her she is sick and in need of help.Sick people turn other people against each other so nobody can talk and figure out they are sick and need of HELP.I have been exactly where you are.