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No, minor verbal attacks are not generally considered abusive. Try to get into couple's therapy. If you have grown children, maybe they could help you talk about professional help.

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Q: Is it abusive to swear at your spouse several times in a long-term relationship?
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What to do if you're in an abusive relationship?

you get away from that person and call the cops but you cant let your spouse find out BE SAFE

Did sacagawea have a spouse?

Yes. Her spouse and her newborn accompanied her on the expedition. Her spouse was sometimes abusive to her.

If anybody is in abusive relationship so how can SHE come out from dat relationship if her spouse have some obscene pics of her and he is trying to blackmail with that pics?

she needs to get a LAWYER and have his use of those pictures blocked.

How can you protect your teens from emotionally abusive spouse?

Get rid of the spouse, or move away...

How can you tell if a person is being threated in an abusive relationship?

they will cringe, sort of, when around their spouse and be very timid when doing something so as not to anger him/her.

What is a spouse in a relationship?

a spouse in a relationship is ur bf or gf

Can you sue your spouse for being abusive?

Not if you are still married.

Why some spouses remain in a abusive relationship?

because it may be all the know, they may love their spouse, or may be afraid to leave. It could be a variety of reasons

When endding a relationship with your spouse and your spouse avoid it what does it mean?

They do not want the relationship to end. Avoiding the situation for them keeps them in the relationship.

Are you verbally abusive if you have spoken approximately six cuss words in a 30-year relationship during an outpouring of pent-up frustration?

Swear words don't define an "abusive" relationship entirely. Ask yourself these questions: Have you ever raised your voice to your spouse? Have you ever raised your hand (as if to hit) to your spouse? Have you ever made threats (real or just words like, "I'm going to kill you!") to your spouse? Have you ever thrown objects at or near your spouse? Do you drink or use drugs that may cause emotions to run high or you to become agitated easily? If you have children, have they ever become involved in a fight? If you can answer 'Yes' to even one of these questions, your actions may deemed abusive even if you've kept the foul laungae to a minimum. Sounds like some counseling may be in order to preserve this relationship.

What constitutes an unfit parent?

Abusive Drug Addict Cheating on spouse Disinterested

What do you do if your spouse is a control and abusive husband?

You get a divorce and leave the house, before it is to late !

What are laws concerning the forwarding of a spouses mail to an unknown address without notifying them of the new address?

If you were in an abusive relationship, there are places that will help you do that so your spouse will not know. Look at your local justice center.

How do abusive women treat submissive husbands?

In my experience an abusive woman will increase the level of abuse in the relationship as long as the submissive husband tolerates it or allows it to go on. In my own case, I was conditioned to fear my wife and to accept all punishments. An abuser requires a spouse who is weak and submissive and takes the abuse.

How do you break up after a 20 year relationship?

Whether you were married; living together then it is wise to privately write down on a piece of paper the reasons you want to break up and then in another column write down the good things about your spouse. Put the paper away for a week or two and reread it to be sure you are making a wise move and not making a big mistake. If you find your spouse to be abusive in any way or controlling; antisocial, etc., then it is time to sit down with your spouse and be honest in asking for a divorce. If your spouse is physically abusive then you will have to give your spouse this information with a male family member present (not another male friend because it would make matter worse.) If your spouse is not abusive in any way then at least try marriage counseling and give the marriage a chance. Sometimes the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence.

What kind of relationship do these have omnipresent always?

A person who is in a relationship where God is omnipresent always might feel closer to his or her spouse. Some people believe that a relationship with God is as important as a relationship with a family member or spouse.

What is the relationship between a person and their sibling's spouse?

The spouse would be their brother/sister in law.

What is the lesbian equivalent of a spouse?

"Spouse" is a neutral word to identify the partner in a committed relationship, whether heterosexual or homosexual. So the lesbian equivalent of "spouse" is ... spouse.

How can you tell if you still love your emotionally abusive spouse?

If you do its because of TRAUMA BONDING. Get counseling to help yourself.

How can you tell if you are in an abusive relationship?

you have bruises all over your body, cant be bothered making dinner for them and you seriously dont give one @!#\ about the person. Hope this helps. your spouse will make you feel like crap and you will begin to doubt yourself.

Is a spouse keeping a log or journal of an occasional disagreement without Abuse threats or violence Abusive Some literature on Abuse imply this activity as Abusive?

* No, keeping a log or journal of an occasional disagreement on a spouse is not abuse, but it is strange behavior. Your partner may feel that you are abusive and is reading material and keeping the log or journal to prove to themselves and perhaps you that indeed you are verbally abusive (even if you are not.) It would be wise to communicate well with your spouse and get to the bottom of this problem. All the reading on verbal abuse and logs or journal entries will not fix anything that is wrong in the marriage. The only other possible reason for this behavior is if your spouse is a psychologist; psychiatrist or taking a psych course.

What to do if you are involved in a extramarital relationship?

Get out of the relationship. If he/she is cheating on their spouse, they are a cheater. Why would you want to be in a relationship with a cheater? If he/she cheats on their spouse, they will most likely cheat on you too. Plus, it's breaking one of the 10 Comandments.

What is a windowed relationship?

it means your spouse is dead

How can you recognize intimacy in a relationship?

when he has somthing in his pocket ANSWER: In what kind of relationship? to your spouse or your spouse having an affair? The question is a bit complex so I can't really give you the right answer.

How do you mend a relationship that you feel you have no communication with?

Either change yourself for your spouse or end the relationship and move on