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By painting first, you can "have your way" with the room without worry. Touch-up should be easy. Exception: dark colors which cannot be touched up

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Q: Is it all right to paint walls before tile is laid on floor?
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Is there a paint you can use on your shower walls and floor?

There are paints that you can use to paint your shower walls and shower floor. You can use acrylic paints.

Can you use porch and floor paint on walls?

yes i am certain i have tried it myself

Do you need to seal cement floor and walls before applying an epoxy paint?

Almost every epoxy will need to be applied to an un-sealed floor, that is bare. It usually will also need to be etched.

How can you stop your walls from peeling after you painted them?

You need to do proper preparation BEFORE you paint the walls. This will include removing all grease and striping off old paint. Then paining the walls with primer and or undercoat before applying the topcoat. The paint tin instructions will detail what you have to do.

Can you paint walls before tilling them?

Yes, but the paint has to dry completely dry first.

Redo hardwood floor before you paint?

Opinions vary on this, but most contractors agree it's better to paint the walls before refinishing hardwood floors. It's a matter of practicality - you don't want to splatter or spill paint on your newly finished floors, nor put stepstools and such on top of floor finish that hasn't fully cured yet. Others will say the sanding process on floors will leave dust all over newly painted walls, and mars the trim. So it's really just your own preference. Seems to me that cleaning dust off walls and touching up paint on trims is easier and less hazardous than risking paint spills and scuffed floor finish.

What did the homo erectus paint or carve?

They painted the walls of caves. Ah no they did not paint walls on walls. He asked what did they paint and you said they painted walls. THEY DID NOT PAINT WALLS ON WALLS, they just painted, I don't know specific.

How do you make a dollhouse?

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how does paint stick on walls?

it has sticky layer in it

Should you paint walls in bathroom before tiling?

I would paint after. Because you might have to do caulking after tiling and when u finish caulking then paint.

I am remodeling my kitchen. Question I am asking is Do you paint around the cabinets or do you paint the walls before the cabinets go in?

Paint first. It'll be much easier to get it right and you won't have to worry about taping the cabinets. But, be careful not to scratch they new paint off when you then install the cabinets.

How much paint for a 5' x 6' room?

It depends on:the preparation of the surface to be painted (including its colour),the porosity of the surface,the opacity of the paint,the coverage of the paint.But more important, the fact that you have given only two measures indicates you are painting only a pair of opposite sides: either the floor and ceiling, or only the left and right walls, or only the front and back walls. For more walls, you need more information.

How do you find plumbing leaks?

Look for water spewing out of the floor, walls or ceiling Look for peeling paint on walls, dark patches in plaster, very green grass patch

Do you paint walls or ceilling first?

Most people who know how to paint would paint the walls first then the ceiling. This is because if you get paint on the ceiling by painting the walls it's easier to cover up then having it drip on the walls.

How do you paint your walls on YoVille?

You can't paint your walls. You need to buy wallpaper from the YoDepot.

Can oil paint be used on walls?

Yes you can use oil based paint on walls.

Do you paint walls or cabinets first?


Lisa uses 9.1 pints of white paint and blue paint to paint her bedroom walls. 35 of this amount is white paint, and the rest is blue paint. How many pints of blue paint did she use to paint her bedroom walls?


Is it necessary to make walls of first floor only on top of walls of ground floor?

Not at all.

How much paint needed to paint a 25 ft x 25 feet bedroom?

That's going to depend on . . . -- how many square feet 1 gallon of paint covers -- whether you want to paint any of the walls ---- if so, how many, and the height of the ceiling above the floor -- whether you want to paint the ceiling -- whether you want to paint the floor None of these parameters is given in the question. We therefore don't stand a chance.

What did the Egyptians paint on?


Can you use paint to make shirts?

You can use a fabric paint, but NOT the paint you use to paint walls.

What are some things I can do to remodel my kitchen?

There are several things you can do to remodel your kitchen. You can re-paint or re-wallpaper the walls, you can change your cabinets, and you can replace your floor.

Do you have to prime before you paint if the walls are white?

Priming the wall is just to seal it so the paint doesn't soak in and dries more evenly. You may have to put two coats of paint on depending on the quality of the paint you are using.

Which paint is the best paint to use inside on your walls?