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Is it bad for a pregnant woman to have an abcessed tooth?

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Yes. it is bad to have infective focus in your body. Such infective foci can create lot of problems for you. It is worse to have infected tooth during pregnancy. Please go to your dentist. He will take care of the problem.

2014-12-19 06:45:16
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Yes. It's usually caused from an infection, which means it can get in your bloodstream and affect your baby.

2015-07-16 18:08:29
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Is marijuana bad for pregnant woman?

yes it is very bad for pregnant woman and can kill your baby :(

Can bad teeth cause poisining?

yes. If your tooth has an infection called an abcess, it can travel into the bloodstream. Abcessed teeth need to be extracted or treated with a root canal or periodontal treatment.

What is the most common cause of dogs having bad breath?

Peridontal disease or abcessed tooth. Have your veterinarian check your dogs mouth. it may require a scaling and polishing as well as possible extractions.

Is drinking of tea bad for pregnant woman?

it is not bad to drink tea while pregnant it helps the baby

Is alcohol bad for a pregnant woman?

Alcohol is not good for anyone but when a pregnant woman drinks it the fetus gets it too and that is bad and can lead to serious problems. So yes, it's bad.

Is second hand smoking bad for a pregnant woman?

yes 2nd hand smoke is very bad for pregnant woman and the unborn baby... and for the record 2nd hand smoke is bad for everyone...

Sperm good or bad for pregnant woman?

If a female is already pregnant then it is irrelevant, if not, essential.

Does saliva normally smell bad?

No, but MANY MANY factors could influence that. Medications you are taking, or overall body health. Or just the remains of food you have eaten. Sometimes an abcessed tooth can 'leak' and smell very bad. That is putrifactive drainage, and it smells HORRIBLE.

Is it bad for a pregnant woman to have inflammation in the rectum?

any inflammation is bad so yes

Is insulin bad for pregnant and baby?

Insulin is not bad for pregnant woman and the baby. Nevertheless it is recommended drug for diabetes during pregnancy.

Is mutton marrow soup bad for a pregnant woman?

It can induce a miscarriage.

How much ginger for pregnant woman?

As much as you want. Ginger is not bad for you.

Is varnish bad for pregnant woman?

Paints are harmful to the health of the baby.

If you have pain from the top of your head to your eye ear jaw teeth and throat could this be a abscessed tooth or 5th nerve disease?

You should not wait to make an apt. with your doctor. The doctor is the person that will provide you with the diagnosis and treatment you need. A relative had these symptoms so bad that he went to the emergency room. It turned out to be both an abcessed tooth and a resulting trigeminus nerve pain. The tooth had to be extracted.

You have been having tooth pain really bad could i be 4weeks pregnant?

No most likely do you have to go to the dentist.

Is it bad for a pregnant woman to sleep on a mattress on the floor?"

Is there any concerns for a pregnant woman to use hydrocortisone rectal cream?

There are no bad effects.

What vegetables are bad for pregnant women?

mung bean,alfaalfa are not good for pregnent woman.

Can a pregnant woman eat chocolates?

Yes. But too much of any thing is bad.

What are all the symptoms of an abcessed tooth?

The most obvious symptom is swollen gums or jaw; you may appear as if you have a big lump of something in your cheek. You also will probably have a bad toothache but not always. (I personally had a toothache for several days, then woke up one day with the toothache gone but with a swollen jaw; I had to go on antibiotics to treat the infection, and eventually had the tooth extracted.)

How do you treat your horses abcessed neck?

Call the vet. The horse will no doubt need antibiotics and the neck is a bad place to get an abcess.

What things can a dentist do to a bad tooth?

A dentist can do a couple of things to a bad tooth. If the tooth is salvageable, the part that is bad will be carved or drilled out, then filled. If the entire tooth is bad, then the dentist will simply pry it out and offer options to replace it.

What month does a pregnant woman start to have a bad mood?

The month her husband asks such an asinine question?

When boys do a lot of bad drugs can they get a woman pregnant?

drugs don't affect the chances of pregnancy

Is it bad for pregnant woman to drink iced tea?

not nessecarily as long as it doesnt contain alcohol