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Is it bad to eat bananas at night?

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Yes eating anything before bed is bad( fattening). Especially since there are a lot of carbs in bananas. If u need to lose less than ten lbs, I recommend about 40 to 60 net carbs daily, if u need to lose more than ten, I recommend no more than 30. more than 30, (ow) I recommend 20 net. Or just do the south beach diet. Its very effective for me I lost 22 lbs and I was 12 at the time and I've kept it off a year later

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Is it bad to eat 6 bananas a day?

No way

Is it bad to eat 5 bananas a day?

thank you everyone.we also drink bananas smoothies as well

Is it bad to eat bananas late at night?

well, yes! anything that has sugar is bad for at night. This is because your metabolism is low and it cant break down the sugars fast enough. It also provides a lot of energy, which makes you not want to sleep.

Are oxidized bananas safe to eat?

the oxidized bananas will turn into brownish color and most people think the brownish bananas are bad as long as the oxidized bananas do not smelly and do not have mold on it.

Can a horse eat bananas?

yes! some love them and they r not bad for them

Do llamas eat bananas at night while doing a Irish jig?

No they don't.

What colors can bananas be?

Bananas are green when not yet ripened, yellow when they are good to eat, and brown/black when they are rotting and going bad.

Do bananas eat you?

No bananas do not eat you.

Is it bad to eat a banana at night?

No it's not bad for you.

Can a diabetic person eat too many bananas?

Yes it is possible. Bananas contain starch, and lots of starch is bad for diabetics.

Do gorillas eat bananas?

They are apes, but they do NOT eat bananas.

Do butterflies eat bananas?

do butterflies eat bananas

How do bananas eat?

bananas eat by jumping up an down jk i really dont think bananas can eat

Is it safe to eat a lot of bananas?

yes,too much of anything is a bad thing

Do mice eat bananas?

Yes, mice do eat bananas.

Can bananas eat pigs?

no bananas cant eat pigs.

What about bananas?

Bananas Are Awesome. That's about bananas

Do frozen bananas go bad?

No, actually you can put bananas in there for smoothies because is you do put bananas in the freezer the bananas will never go bad.

What animals eat bamboo and bananas?

Monkeys eat bananas and Pandas eat bamboo

Do reindeer eat bananas?

yes raindeers eat bananas because bananas are not poisonous and are a fruit. Your Welcome for the Answer.

A catchy slogan for silver?

Bananas are clever Bananas are great bananas are good to eat When your running late! Bananas are clever Bananas are great bananas are good to eat When your running late!

Why can't you eat 2 bananas in a day?

Because of the natural sugar found in fruits like bananas. Although two a day isn't all that bad.

Do birds eat bananas?

Yes. Some birds eat bananas. Many parrots and honeyeaters will eat bananas, just to name two.

Do horses eat bananas?

Some horses will eat bananas. Bananas are sweet and horses enjoy sweet foods.

Do geckos eat bananas?

If they are hungry for bananas.

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