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Is it bad to have acne all over your body like legs stomach etc?



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i have the exact same problem-i have acne on my face, back, chest, and stomach. it is very gross and unsightly. for my face i use the 4 step clinque system-it works great. at first your skin drys out, but you can by the comfort on call. if your skin gets dry, put the comfort on call cream on and the dry skin will go away. you can get the clinque system at your local mall. for my chest and back i use ziana-which you need to go to a dermatologist for. on my stomach i use the spot healing gel from clinque. and for the legs-i am not so sure. i would go to a dermatologist for that. dont use clearisil, or acne free! it made my acne even worse. but now that i have been using that stuff, it is going away. so you can try those things, and hopefully it will work. good luck! i know exactly how you feel.