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Is it bad to have acne all over your body like legs stomach etc?

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i have the exact same problem-i have acne on my face, back, chest, and stomach. it is very gross and unsightly. for my face i use the 4 step clinque system-it works great. at first your skin drys out, but you can by the comfort on call. if your skin gets dry, put the comfort on call cream on and the dry skin will go away. you can get the clinque system at your local mall. for my chest and back i use ziana-which you need to go to a dermatologist for. on my stomach i use the spot healing gel from clinque. and for the legs-i am not so sure. i would go to a dermatologist for that. dont use clearisil, or acne free! it made my acne even worse. but now that i have been using that stuff, it is going away. so you can try those things, and hopefully it will work. good luck! i know exactly how you feel.

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okapis have a round stomach and has sturdy stick like legs

What are the 2 most common types of injuries to the human body?

well the limbs, such as arm and legs and also the middle section like the stomach the chest

What does the thorax of a insect do?

The thorax carries the stomach, legs, and wings. Mainly helps for digestion. It is like the human stomach

What in the human body is like lysosomes?

one part of the body that is like the lysosome is the stomach

How do you get rid of bacne and chestne please look at the discussion page?

Getting rid of chest and back acne is the same as getting rid of acne on your face. Company's like Proactiv offers a great body wash designed especially for body acne.

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this is because we was born like that

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If he really likes you, then he wont mind. But if it bugs you, you should use an acne body wash to clear all your back acne :)

What does back acne look like?

Just like face acne but on your back :D

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What does genital acne look like?

It depends on the type of acne you have.

Where is limb located in human body?

a limb is an appendage, like arms and legs it is not however a thing in your body like your heart

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Genus of the salamander with an eel like body and no hind legs?


What part of the human body is like lysosomes?

One part of the human body that is like lysosomes is the stomach. The human intestines are also like lysosomes.

What is a thorax and abdomen in insects?

Insects have body parts just like humans do. The thorax of an insect is like the chest. On the thorax are the insect's head, legs, wings, leading to its abdomen. The abdomen is the stomach, and it also contains the insect's genitals (like humans, insects can be male or female).

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