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Is it best for your credit to let a jointly-owned car be repossessed?

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2003-12-22 08:19:55
2003-12-22 08:19:55

the finance company won't let you get your name off of it. That way they can keep you on the hook since he can't pay for it. it will hurt your credit, but if you have a car you pay for on your credit and explain in the future what happened, you should be able to get another loan. If your name is on the title, you could possibly force the sale of the car depending on how it reads. you can also stop paying and make sure the finance company knows where the car is so they can go repossess it to sell and lower the amount that is owed. Bottom line is it will hurt your credit, but not as bad if you have your own good credit to off set it. It will deffinatly take you off the A+ list as far as lenders go, but again, not stop you from getting any car loan in the future assuming you have an auto loan you pay now.

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