Is it better to resurface a gunite pool with plaster or fiberglass?

My mobile home park is going through this right now, so I will give you what I have learned. A word of caution, I am still trying to find an unbiased answer myself all of my pros/cons come from the fiberglass or plaster contractors so of course they believe their product is better.

From our pool maintenance company (the one unbiased answer I have) They recommend using fiberglass on our Spa to reduce the chance of black algae, and plaster on the pool for the ease of maintenance.

>>Pro's for plaster.

Underwater epoxy repairs can be made without draining the pool.

More resilient than the Gel-Coat of the fiberglass.

More readily available contractors.

>>Pro's for fiberglass.

Resists Black Algae.

Resists rust stains from behind.

Lasts longer than plaster.

---Con's for plaster.

If Black Algae starts its roots go through the pourous plaster and embed in the gunite, and will always return.

Plaster doesn't bond well to old plaster.

---Con's for fiberglass.

Fiberglass companies go out of business because their products fail in a few years.

Fiberglass contractors are hard to find.

The only way to repair fiberglass is to drain the pool and apply a new Gel-Coat over the entire surface.

Fiberglass is not waterproof at all, only the Gel-Coat is.

A Plaster contractor said...

"I have heard that the fiberglass fails in like 5 years and then the company goes out of business."

A Fiberglass contractor said...

"I have heard of huge sections of the plaster falling off, because the old layer of plaster was not completely removed and when it came off it took the new plaster with it, in court the contractor's stance was that their coat held on fine and that it was not their fault since their work was still sticking to the old plaster."

I wish a neurtral party like a university would do a study on this.


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