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Absolutely, But if you only have the land to fit a fiberglass pool, Your new gunite pool will be considerably smaller by about 1 foot all the way around. A fiberglass drop in pool is too small already, RIGHT? Kenny Kummer Brody Chemical

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โˆ™ 2005-10-11 15:36:45
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Q: Is it possible to replace a fiberglass pool with a traditional in-ground pool?
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Yes. Replace the existing coping with a horizontal aluminum liner receiver track by either Cardinal or Cinderella. These tracks are very small in height so you can run either your concrete or wood/composite deck over them. See the HM-1 or HM-2 at Purchase it at: and look under "INGROUND POOLS" and then subheading "ALUMINUM LINER TRACK" or "ALUMINUM LINER TRACK BY CARDINAL" OR GO TO