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Is it better to turn the car back in or keep trying to catch up the payments?


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2015-07-16 18:06:19
2015-07-16 18:06:19

Sylvia, sad to say, but, it wont hurt YOUR credit if its in HIS name. You should consider HIS credit and how it will affect him. The lender will get a judgment and will collect from your brother. He could find his wages being garnished when he least expects it. IOt would be better for his credit to help you get caught up so you both win. You get a car you can afford and he still has good credit. Good Luck


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I think you are talking about trying to catch it, and no. No legendaires reapper if you make them faint before you catch them.

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In MOST cases, if you pay the repo fees and catch up on your payments, you can get the car back. Sometimes, however, the bank will want you to pay the entire balance.

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catch it then put it outside the house far away from your house so it doesn't gaet back in!

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No, you will not get your payments back. If you do not complete the purchase, you have essentially been renting the property.

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If payments from Social Security have been more than designated, it should be reported. Eventually, the Agency will catch up and get the money back.

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