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You're asking if she was unfaithful to you but she was drunk when it happened so does that make it "ok"?

You've got to be kidding! If her drinking problem led to infidelity, do you have any confidence that it won't happen again? What difference is it if she gets drunk before she is unfaithful? The results are the same. Nobody made her get drunk before she cheated on you.

Normal people wouldn't tolerate that kind of behavior in their spouse. Why are you even questioning it?

Answeryes i truly believe that it is styll considered cheating even if the person is drunk...Before you drink you should be aware of your surroundings..and kno the people you are with....being drunk or not is no excuse 4 putting ur hands on someone else.. if u truly love the person u would realise and no better.. there is no excuse 4 cheating buh if they are truly sorry just remember everyone desesrves a second chance.....
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Q: Is it cheating if your wife is drunk?
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